Upgrade your complete office experience

Neurilink offers technology to better support the modern workforce

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Office experiences that align with your brand image

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Easy video collaboration between in-office and remote participants

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Enhance terraces, hallways and lobbies with acoustic solutions

Your outdated office experience is inadequate for the modern workforce.

  • The noisy open office layout 

    is distracting for employees

  • Constant technology issues

    disrupt meetings

  • Poor cell phone reception

    makes it difficult to connect with your team

Create the office environment your team craves.

  • Powerful Presentations

    Well thought out AV is the foundation for powerful customer and stakeholder presentations.

    Modernize your team’s communication with clear audio and reliable video technologies that align with your brand image and impress far-end participants.

  • Better cell reception

    Cell phone reception inside of offices is both important and problematic, with the significant amount of metal and concrete found in many commercial buildings. 

    We install cell phone amplification systems that increase the coverage map within your space.

  • Improved Acoustics

    Open office layouts have notoriously bad acoustics. 

    Neurilink offers solutions to reduce echo and enhance speech privacy in your office.

  • Professional Audio

    Bring life to your office with crystal clear audio.

    Discrete speakers can be installed overhead throughout your office, or in unexpected outdoor areas.

  • Optimized for the Hybrid Workforce

    Hybrid work is here to stay. 

    Get meeting room technology that keeps your team productive no matter what platform they’re joining.


How we can help

As one of the Northwest’s premier AV integrators, we successfully complete over 300 deployments annually. If you’re ready to reduce constant AV issues and restore productivity, give us a call!

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Digital Signage

Share promotions, employee information, and health protocols with dynamic lobby signage.

Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic Panels

Combat the acoustic issues created by hard spaces in your office without sacrificing aesthetics.

Sound Masking 

Sound Masking

Reduce speech intelligibility and distractions with sound masking in your open office space.

Cell Phone Amplification 

Cell Phone Amplification

Cell phone amplifiers help employees stay connected and work with most major carriers.



As trends continue pushing towards clean, modern looking environments filled with hard surfaces, audio quality suffers.

Our acoustic panel, baffle, cloud and sound masking solutions create a more pleasant environment for your guests.

Baffle acoustic panel
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Overhead Audio

Create a welcoming environment for your guests.

Our team will design your overhead audio to create a consistent volume throughout your office without quiet or loud spots.

Cell Phone Amplification

Get better cell phone reception in your office building.

Cell phone amplification systems are compatible with most major carriers and installed by Neurilink’s professional technicians.

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Case studies

At Neurilink, our whole-office solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.