Amplify your training efforts

Technology that empowers impactful training for in-person and remote participants

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Help your team gain confidence in delivering hybrid trainings

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Make in-person and remote participants feel included

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Share content into overflow rooms for larger groups


Give your team a better training experience

  • In-Person Training

    Our custom designed solutions can help your team make the most of your in-person training. We determine the right technology and configuration depending on the room size, layout, likely number of attendees and needed functionality.

  • Hybrid Training

    For training rooms that need to support in-person and remote attendees. We have experience designing and integrating systems that offer the flexibility to train in person, remote, or to hybrid audiences.

Technology should support your training efforts.

Training Room Sample System



Multiple displays allow for simultaneous viewing of content, images and far-end video participants.



In-ceiling speakers offer clear sound without distracting from the room design.



Strategically placed microphones ensure the in-room conversation can be heard by remote participants.

Condifence Monitor 

Confidence Monitor

Trainers can effectively present their information while staying engaged with in-room and remote participants.



A presenter-view camera provides remote participants a similar experience to those in person.



Multiple displays can be important in training rooms to ensure everyone can see the content on the screen, especially in larger spaces. We consider your room layout and size to recommend the right display configuration.

Training Room

Confidence Monitors

Empower your presenter with confidence monitors. Our training rooms often include confidence monitors placed near the camera, providing presenters the cues they need while engaging with in-person and remote participants.


Hybrid training rooms often need multiple cameras to showcase both the presenter and attendees, so remote participants can engage with the group. Cameras can be integrated with your video conferencing and used to broadcast over Zoom Webinars other platforms. We provide solutions that integrate with various streaming services like YouTube, Facebook, Wowza and Panopto.

Back view of group of businesswomen attending a seminar. Focus on the female coach having speach.


Microphones and speakers can be leveraged for both in-room and hybrid training depending on the size of the room. Our systems can feature presets which automatically turn on the correct audio components depending on the room layout.


Webinar & Broadcast

Companies are more often recording their trainings for future employees or streaming them live for remote participants.  Our training room solutions can be configured around your preferred video conferencing /streaming platforms like Zoom and Teams.

Smiling young indian woman in headphones learning practicing foreign language with confident male tutor distantly on computer. Happy mixed race girl listening to educational webinar, writing notes.

It’s time to transform your training rooms.

Your company deserves a frustration-free training experience. Call us to create a reliable solution that empowers your team and delivers on your brand promise.

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At Neurilink, our video conference solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.