Breathe life into
your huddle rooms

Right-sized AV solutions for small collaboration spaces

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Seamless collaboration built around your favorite video conferencing software

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Escape the buzz of an open office with a dedicated small group meeting space

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Simplified versions of your large conference room AV standards

Stale huddle rooms aren’t getting used to their full potential.

  • Poor sound or video quality

    leads to inferior presentations

  • Constant user issues

    disrupt the flow of meetings

  • Inconsistent platforms

    are frustrating to manage

It’s time to transform your huddle spaces.

Don’t neglect your small spaces.  Supercharge small group meetings with a powerful collaboration experience.

Video Collaboration

Huddle Rooms often need to support video conferencing for small group meetings.

A camera, display and soundbar offers a professional experience when paired with a dedicated video conferencing platform or a BYOD system. This set up provides a far superior experience for in-room and remote participants compared to huddling around a lap top.

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Zoom Room

Wireless Presentation

Participants in small group meetings often need to share their screen to touch base on a project, brainstorm, or share feedback on work in progress.

We can build wireless presentation capabilities into your huddle room system for collaboration without the hassle of cables and wires.


LCD displays or interactive displays are a great addition to the modern huddle space. They supercharge the rooms flexibility, allowing users to see far-end video or collaborate on a living document.

open environment AV
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Audio & Video

An all-in-one soundbar, or microphone/speaker technology with a separate camera can be ideal for the huddle environment. Huddle rooms often require wider viewing angles so far-end participants can see those sitting closest to the displays.

Our team is familiar with leading huddle room technology and how the user interface scales to your large meeting rooms.


How we can help

We know how it feels to walk into a huddle room to video conference, only to realize you’ll need to squeeze in around a laptop because there’s inadequate technology.

We’ll help you create a professional collaboration experience, built around your favorite video conferencing platform, for all your huddle rooms.

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At Neurilink, our video conference solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.