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Elevate your conference room experience.

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Modern technologies live up to your brand image

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Give powerful presentations at in person and hybrid meetings

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Make an impression with a high-quality video conferencing experience

Problematic conference room technology costs your team time they don’t have.

  • Poor sound or video quality

    leads to inferior presentations

  • Constant user issues

    disrupt the flow of meetings

  • Inconsistent platforms

    are frustrating to manage

Give your team a better collaboration experience

  • Custom-designed for your office

    We know every organization works differently.

    We’ll help you design the right AV system based on your workflow, space, aesthetics, and budget.

  • Leading-edge technology

    When it comes to AV, you know high-quality equipment is the key. 

    We have long-term relationships with leading brands and distributors to provide you hardware that is competitively priced and arrives on time.

    You can be confident you’ll have access to the latest in AV technology.

  • Expert deployment

    Nobody has time for delays.

    Our professional technicians are second to none. They’ll install your AV with speed and excellence.

  • Unrivaled support

    We don’t disappear after installation.

    From installation to training to trouble-shooting, we’ll closely partner with your IT department so you’ll feel calm and confident if issues arise. Your ongoing success is our top priority.

It’s time to transform your conference rooms.

Your company deserves a frustration-free video conference experience. Call us to create a reliable solution that empowers your team to focus without constant AV distractions.

Conference Room Sample System



Single displays, dual displays and Direct View LED displays are all great options for conference rooms.


Room Control

Join a video call with the push of a button, adjust volume and more from a sleek, modern control panel.

Interactive Display 

Interactive Display

Take brainstorming to the next level with an interactive display. Whiteboard ideas, sketch concepts and screen share all in one display.



Modern cameras provide a clear image with appropriate zoom for your space.



Easily screen share by plugging the HDMI into your personal device or power it up when the battery is low.



Discrete in-ceiling speakers provide clear audio for in-room participants.



Microphones made for conferencing environments can feature advanced technologies like echo-canceling and auto-gaining for a better user experience.



Displays are often the first thing you see when entering a conference room.

Depending on the size of your space, you may require a single, double, triple or Direct View LED display to provide the desired experience for your end-users. We can help you find the right display for your space, needs and budget.

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Video Conferencing

A quality camera is critical to make your far-end participants feel included. The right camera for your video conferencing system will depend on the room size and desired functionality.

Our team is regularly testing the industry’s best cameras to ensure we’re specifying in the best option for our clients.


Quality audio technologies and proper audio placement is critical for the video conferencing experience.

Our team is experienced in audio technologies ranging from ‘all-in-ones’ like Crestron Mercury, to beam arrays, pendant mics and DSPs for large spaces.

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

  • Tesira Forte

  • Audia

  • Vocia & more…

  • Integrated Systems Level 1

  • Integrated Systems Level 2

  • Microflex Wireless

  • Microflex Advanced & more…

Zoom Room

Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation is frequently requested in both conference rooms and boardrooms.

We offer a variety of wireless presentations based on your UC platform and workflow of choice.

All-in-one system control

No more wasting time with a confusing user interface.

Whether you need to adjust the lights, mute, or share your screen. Every control feature you need in one place, at the touch of a button.

  • Certified Programmer, Master Advanced

  • Master Technology Architect

  • DCM‑E

  • DMC‑D & DMC-D-4K

  • DMC‑I


  • Various CTI & RL certs

  • Control Professional

  • AV Associates

  • Control System, AV Streaming, GUI, Digital, Videowall System, AV System Design

  • Level 2 Programmer

Floor to ceiling acoustic panels

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are an important, but often overlooked, addition to conference rooms and boardrooms.

Many modern meeting rooms feature hard surfaces, glass walls and open ceilings. Even the best microphones can’t always overcome poor acoustics. Adding acoustic panels to your conference room can help reduce echo and create a better far-end experience.

Room Schedulers

Confidentially book rooms by leveraging the room scheduling software you already use. Use Room Schedulers for collaboration areas, training spaces, phone booths, and other locations available for employee use — not just conference rooms!

Title One room scheduler

It’s time to transform your video conference rooms.

Your company deserves a frustration-free video conference experience. Call us to create a reliable solution that empowers your team to focus without constant AV distractions.

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At Neurilink, our video conference solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.