Master Your Meetings

Elevate your conference room experience.

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Modern technologies live up to your brand image

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Give powerful presentations at in person and hybrid meetings

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Make an impression with a high-quality video conferencing experience

Problematic conference room technology costs your team time they don’t have.

  • Poor sound or video quality

    leads to infe­ri­or presentations

  • Constant user issues

    dis­rupt the flow of meetings

  • Inconsistent platforms

    are frus­trat­ing to manage

Give your team a better collaboration experience

  • Custom-designed for your office

    We know every orga­ni­za­tion works differently.

    We’ll help you design the right AV sys­tem based on your work­flow, space, aes­thet­ics, and budget.

  • Leading-edge technology

    When it comes to AV, you know high-qual­i­ty equip­ment is the key. 

    We have long-term rela­tion­ships with lead­ing brands and dis­trib­u­tors to pro­vide you hard­ware that is com­pet­i­tive­ly priced and arrives on time.

    You can be con­fi­dent you’ll have access to the lat­est in AV technology.

  • Expert deployment

    Nobody has time for delays.

    Our pro­fes­sion­al tech­ni­cians are sec­ond to none. They’ll install your AV with speed and excellence.

  • Unrivaled support

    We don’t dis­ap­pear after installation.

    From instal­la­tion to train­ing to trou­ble-shoot­ing, we’ll close­ly part­ner with your IT depart­ment so you’ll feel calm and con­fi­dent if issues arise. Your ongo­ing suc­cess is our top priority.

It’s time to transform your conference rooms.

Your com­pa­ny deserves a frus­tra­tion-free video con­fer­ence expe­ri­ence. Call us to cre­ate a reli­able solu­tion that empow­ers your team to focus with­out con­stant AV distractions.

Conference Room Sample System



Sin­gle dis­plays, dual dis­plays and Direct View LED dis­plays are all great options for con­fer­ence rooms.


Room Con­trol

Join a video call with the push of a but­ton, adjust vol­ume and more from a sleek, mod­ern con­trol panel.

Inter­ac­tive Display 

Inter­ac­tive Display

Take brain­storm­ing to the next lev­el with an inter­ac­tive dis­play. White­board ideas, sketch con­cepts and screen share all in one display.



Mod­ern cam­eras pro­vide a clear image with appro­pri­ate zoom for your space.



Eas­i­ly screen share by plug­ging the HDMI into your per­son­al device or pow­er it up when the bat­tery is low.



Dis­crete in-ceil­ing speak­ers pro­vide clear audio for in-room participants.



Micro­phones made for con­fer­enc­ing envi­ron­ments can fea­ture advanced tech­nolo­gies like echo-can­cel­ing and auto-gain­ing for a bet­ter user experience.



Dis­plays are often the first thing you see when enter­ing a con­fer­ence room.

Depend­ing on the size of your space, you may require a sin­gle, dou­ble, triple or Direct View LED dis­play to pro­vide the desired expe­ri­ence for your end-users. We can help you find the right dis­play for your space, needs and budget.

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Video Conferencing

A qual­i­ty cam­era is crit­i­cal to make your far-end par­tic­i­pants feel includ­ed. The right cam­era for your video con­fer­enc­ing sys­tem will depend on the room size and desired functionality.

Our team is reg­u­lar­ly test­ing the industry’s best cam­eras to ensure we’re spec­i­fy­ing in the best option for our clients.


Qual­i­ty audio tech­nolo­gies and prop­er audio place­ment is crit­i­cal for the video con­fer­enc­ing experience.

Our team is expe­ri­enced in audio tech­nolo­gies rang­ing from ‘all-in-ones’ like Cre­stron Mer­cury, to beam arrays, pen­dant mics and DSPs for large spaces.

  • Lev­el 1

  • Lev­el 2

  • Lev­el 3

  • Tesira Forte

  • Audia

  • Vocia & more…

  • Inte­grat­ed Sys­tems Lev­el 1

  • Inte­grat­ed Sys­tems Lev­el 2

  • Microflex Wire­less

  • Microflex Advanced & more…

Zoom Room

Wireless Presentation

Wire­less pre­sen­ta­tion is fre­quent­ly request­ed in both con­fer­ence rooms and boardrooms.

We offer a vari­ety of wire­less pre­sen­ta­tions based on your UC plat­form and work­flow of choice.

All-in-one system control

No more wast­ing time with a con­fus­ing user interface.

Whether you need to adjust the lights, mute, or share your screen. Every con­trol fea­ture you need in one place, at the touch of a button.

  • Cer­ti­fied Pro­gram­mer, Mas­ter Advanced

  • Mas­ter Tech­nol­o­gy Architect

  • DCM‑E

  • DMC‑D & DMC-D-4K

  • DMC‑I


  • Var­i­ous CTI & RL certs

  • Con­trol Professional

  • AV Asso­ciates

  • Con­trol Sys­tem, AV Stream­ing, GUI, Dig­i­tal, Vide­owall Sys­tem, AV Sys­tem Design

  • Lev­el 2 Programmer

Floor to ceiling acoustic panels

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic pan­els are an impor­tant, but often over­looked, addi­tion to con­fer­ence rooms and boardrooms.

Many mod­ern meet­ing rooms fea­ture hard sur­faces, glass walls and open ceil­ings. Even the best micro­phones can’t always over­come poor acoustics. Adding acoustic pan­els to your con­fer­ence room can help reduce echo and cre­ate a bet­ter far-end experience.

Room Schedulers

Con­fi­den­tial­ly book rooms by lever­ag­ing the room sched­ul­ing soft­ware you already use. Use Room Sched­ulers for col­lab­o­ra­tion areas, train­ing spaces, phone booths, and oth­er loca­tions avail­able for employ­ee use — not just con­fer­ence rooms!

Title One room scheduler

It’s time to transform your video conference rooms.

Your com­pa­ny deserves a frus­tra­tion-free video con­fer­ence expe­ri­ence. Call us to cre­ate a reli­able solu­tion that empow­ers your team to focus with­out con­stant AV distractions.

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At Neurilink, our video con­fer­ence solu­tions will help your team stay pro­duc­tive while bol­ster­ing your company’s pro­fes­sion­al presence.