Master Your Meetings

Modern AV technology lets your team do more with less frustration

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  • Consistency Across All Your Meeting Spaces

    A uniform end-user experience is at the foundation of our approach to multi-room projects. Empower your team with the knowledge they can walk into any meeting space and effectively run the technology.

  • Intuitive Technology

    Take the guesswork out of running a meeting.

    System controls bring the simplicity of the desktop UC environment to the meeting space. Empower end-users to schedule, join and facilitate meetings with confidence.

  • Expert AV Advisors

    Think of us as a highly specialized extension of your team.

    We work in lockstep with IT to bring your AV vision to reality. Our in-house designers, programmers and project managers are here to support your team from start to finish.

  • High Quality Collaboration

    Reinforce your company’s professionalism with high quality audio and video.

    Whether your team is collaborating with remote colleagues, clients, or partners, the meeting experience reflects on your brand image. Set your team up for success with a superior communication experience.

Obsolete conferencing systems cost your employees time they don’t have.

  • End-users are frustrated 

    with your antiquated conference room systems

  • Wasted time

    trying to join meetings undermines your organizational efficiency

  • Independent selection and deployment 

    of AV isn’t in your IT team’s wheelhouse

Meeting room technology should drive better collaboration

Huddle Rooms

Ideal for sync meetings, employee one-on-ones, and small group projects, these spaces often require wired or wireless screen sharing and video collaboration. Instead of overbuilding the huddle space, we focus on simple workflows for your most common employee needs.

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Meeting Room

Conference Rooms & Boardrooms

Conference rooms are the workhorse of collaboration spaces.

Ensure your most heavily used rooms live up to your team’s expectations with professional-grade technologies, expertly designed and installed. We create conference room solutions to meet your needs whether you’re budget minded, want to wow your stakeholders with top-of-the line technologies, or somewhere in between.

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Training Rooms

Our training room designs straddle the line between flexibility and ease of use. We offer solutions for in-person presentations, hybrid trainings and multi-room workshops.

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Meeting room technology should be an asset, not a pain point.

Meeting Room Technology Shouldn’t Hold Your Team Back.

As a Top 50 Systems Integrator, we’ve helped leading healthcare systems, Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and government entities reduce constant AV issues and restore productivity.

We successfully complete over 300 deployments annually, and are excited to see how we can help your team.