Lobby technology to set your office apart

Advanced lobby technologies including Direct-View LED displays, acoustic treatments, overhead audio and kiosks

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Differentiate your entry from other buildings and offices

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Deliver a prominent lobby experience for guests

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Improve the acoustics in your space

The uninspired lobby creates a mediocre first impression

  • An unremarkable entry

     doesn’t distinguish your office from the sea of others

  • Hard surfaces and high ceilings

     lead to a noisy environment

  • Visitors aren’t sure 

    where to go upon entry to your building

Create a memorable experience for your guests from the second they walk in the door.

  • Memorable Focal point

    Direct View LEDs, large projectors and custom interactive environments provide a statement piece for your lobby.

    We’ve installed some of the largest Direct View LED displays in the Northwest. Our team has the attention to detail necessary to create a seamless viewing experience.

  • Inviting Acoustics

    Combat the acoustic issues created by contemporary design. 

    High ceilings, tall glass windows, exposed concrete and other elements of modern architecture can wreak havoc on the ears. Our solutions enhance the acoustics in your space by reducing reverberation and adding in music or white noise.

  • Clear Direction

    Help guests navigate your office.

    Wayfinding solutions offer guests clear direction on how to get to their destination. We work with your content providers to find the right kiosk or display solution.

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Your lobby should be representative of your business.

Call us to help you create a welcoming environment for guests.

Awards: Samsung Retail Installation of the Year, Crystal Nixel by Nanolumens

Lobby Sample Systems


Direct View or LCD displays

Welcome guests with custom content, promotions, and engaging video on bright, crisp displays.



Kiosks can be used for dynamic directories, wayfinding, and other content.


Overhead Audio

Overhead audio provides a welcoming, professional environment in your lobby.

Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels can augment the design of your space with wood-like ‘sticks’, baffles, clouds and more.

Video Walls

Video Walls offer the ultimate ‘wow factor’ for lobbies. Choose between the seamless Direct View LED Video Walls, or 4K LCD Video Walls.

We have experience deploying LCD and Direct View LED Video Walls (including one 44 feet long) as well as curved LED technology.


Digital Signage

LCD Displays offer a clear, color-rich experience.

We offer digital signage solutions from leading manufacturers like Samsung, LG, NEC and Brightsign.

Overhead Audio

Our audio solutions include discrete overhead speakers to welcome your guests with music. You can also choose sound masking for additional flexibility.

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Acoustic Panels

As trends continue pushing towards clean, modern looking environments filled with hard surfaces, audio quality suffers.

Acoustic panels help mitigate the negative effects hard surfaces have on the noise levels in your environment, all while fitting in (and even enhancing) the aesthetics of your office space.

Interactive Displays and Kiosks

Interactive displays offer the opportunity to do something unique.

Want to empower visitors to learn about your products when they’re in the lobby? Help your guests get to their destination? With the right hardware and content creator the sky’s the limit.

Kiosk and LCD Dispaly
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Bespoke Solutions

Organizations look to us to bring their out-of-the-box vision to reality. We’ve developed custom solutions to provide guests with interactive, memorable experiences. Contact us to find out how!


How we can help

At Neurilink, we’ve helped companies throughout the Northwest enhance their lobby experience. Whether you prefer Planar, NEC, Nanolumens, Samsung, LG or another display technology- we’ll help bring your vision to life.

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At Neurilink, our lobby solutions will help your set your building apart.