Lobby technology to set your office apart

Advanced lobby technologies including Direct-View LED displays, acoustic treatments, overhead audio and kiosks

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Differentiate your entry from other buildings and offices

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Deliver a prominent lobby experience for guests

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Improve the acoustics in your space

The uninspired lobby creates a mediocre first impression

  • An unremarkable entry

     doesn’t dis­tin­guish your office from the sea of others

  • Hard surfaces and high ceilings

     lead to a noisy environment

  • Visitors aren’t sure 

    where to go upon entry to your building

Create a memorable experience for your guests from the second they walk in the door.

  • Memorable Focal point

    Direct View LEDs, large pro­jec­tors and cus­tom inter­ac­tive envi­ron­ments pro­vide a state­ment piece for your lobby.

    We’ve installed some of the largest Direct View LED dis­plays in the North­west. Our team has the atten­tion to detail nec­es­sary to cre­ate a seam­less view­ing experience.

  • Inviting Acoustics

    Com­bat the acoustic issues cre­at­ed by con­tem­po­rary design. 

    High ceil­ings, tall glass win­dows, exposed con­crete and oth­er ele­ments of mod­ern archi­tec­ture can wreak hav­oc on the ears. Our solu­tions enhance the acoustics in your space by reduc­ing rever­ber­a­tion and adding in music or white noise.

  • Clear Direction

    Help guests nav­i­gate your office.

    Wayfind­ing solu­tions offer guests clear direc­tion on how to get to their des­ti­na­tion. We work with your con­tent providers to find the right kiosk or dis­play solution.

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Your lobby should be representative of your business.

Call us to help you cre­ate a wel­com­ing envi­ron­ment for guests.

Awards: Sam­sung Retail Instal­la­tion of the Year, Crys­tal Nix­el by Nanolumens

Lobby Sample Systems


Direct View or LCD displays

Wel­come guests with cus­tom con­tent, pro­mo­tions, and engag­ing video on bright, crisp displays.



Kiosks can be used for dynam­ic direc­to­ries, wayfind­ing, and oth­er content.


Over­head Audio

Over­head audio pro­vides a wel­com­ing, pro­fes­sion­al envi­ron­ment in your lobby.

Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic Pan­els

Acoustic pan­els can aug­ment the design of your space with wood-like ‘sticks’, baf­fles, clouds and more.

Video Walls

Video Walls offer the ulti­mate ‘wow fac­tor’ for lob­bies. Choose between the seam­less Direct View LED Video Walls, or 4K LCD Video Walls.

We have expe­ri­ence deploy­ing LCD and Direct View LED Video Walls (includ­ing one 44 feet long) as well as curved LED technology.


Digital Signage

LCD Dis­plays offer a clear, col­or-rich experience.

We offer dig­i­tal sig­nage solu­tions from lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers like Sam­sung, LG, NEC and Brightsign.

Overhead Audio

Our audio solu­tions include dis­crete over­head speak­ers to wel­come your guests with music. You can also choose sound mask­ing for addi­tion­al flexibility.

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Acoustic Panels

As trends con­tin­ue push­ing towards clean, mod­ern look­ing envi­ron­ments filled with hard sur­faces, audio qual­i­ty suffers.

Acoustic pan­els help mit­i­gate the neg­a­tive effects hard sur­faces have on the noise lev­els in your envi­ron­ment, all while fit­ting in (and even enhanc­ing) the aes­thet­ics of your office space.

Interactive Displays and Kiosks

Inter­ac­tive dis­plays offer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do some­thing unique.

Want to empow­er vis­i­tors to learn about your prod­ucts when they’re in the lob­by? Help your guests get to their des­ti­na­tion? With the right hard­ware and con­tent cre­ator the sky’s the limit.

Kiosk and LCD Dispaly
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Bespoke Solutions

Orga­ni­za­tions look to us to bring their out-of-the-box vision to real­i­ty. We’ve devel­oped cus­tom solu­tions to pro­vide guests with inter­ac­tive, mem­o­rable expe­ri­ences. Con­tact us to find out how!


How we can help

At Neurilink, we’ve helped com­pa­nies through­out the North­west enhance their lob­by expe­ri­ence. Whether you pre­fer Pla­nar, NEC, Nanol­u­mens, Sam­sung, LG or anoth­er dis­play tech­nol­o­gy- we’ll help bring your vision to life.

Project Showcase

Case studies

At Neurilink, our lob­by solu­tions will help your set your build­ing apart.