Education AV Solutions

A History with Education

Education is at the foundation of Neurilink. Our founder, Michael Fornander, was a teacher before the AV industry captured his interest. Michael transitioned into the AV industry in 2000, leading the Idaho division of an out-of-state AV company. He and his team became a trusted partner to education systems throughout Idaho, and in 2012 Michael and his partners launched Neurilink.

Fast forward to the present, our commitment to supplying education customers with the best products and services is as strong as ever. Our exclusive partnership with Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens has positioned Neurilink as the go-to partner for digital whiteboards in the Northwest.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays are at the heart of classroom technology. From k-12 to higher education, these systems are providing a better education experience for students and teachers.


Interactive whiteboards can help students develop more enjoyment of learning and willingness to learn. These interactive displays capture attention by offering a hands-on experience. Students can take notes on the board, save and email them to their group. Some interactive displays also offer learning apps to help students better understand concepts in an engaging environment.


Teachers also benefit from interactive whiteboards, experience increased student attention and save more teaching time. Electronic flipcharts, internet access, and screen sharing provided by interactive whiteboards have become a critical tool for teachers and students alike.  

As these displays become more integrated into the classrooms, manufacturers are building out additional features to better support educators. Leading interactive whiteboards now allow teachers to share lesson plans with other educators across the globe as well as find inspiration for their lessons. They allow teachers to save their annotated lessons and email them to students directly from the display, saving time and help keep absent students on track. Some interactive displays even offer complimentary apps hand-selected by educational experts familiar with US common core standards.

IT Directors & Managers

While digital whiteboards have helped teachers leverage technology in the classroom, they’ve also impacted the time and effort needed for maintenance. In the past, digital whiteboard maintenance required an IT or facilities employees to visit each classroom to perform system updates. Manufacturers have heard this feedback and are now offering centralized control of the interactive displays. Instead of updating each screen individually IT managers now have the power to perform updates remotely.

Neurilink takes this ease of use a step further, offering a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty on its Clevertouch systems. Our hands-on warranty means IT managers can have a hands-off experience when it comes to system fixes. Our team will remote-in to troubleshoot and fix any issues. If we can’t remotely fix the problem, a tech will perform an on-site visit. Instead of wasting valuable classroom time trying to repair the display, our tech will replace the system with a working display, transition all the files and preferences, and leave you with a working solution.

Other Solutions

We offer a variety of additional solutions for the educational environment ranging from voice amplification to full campus paging systems. Give us a call to discuss audiovisual solutions for school’s needs.