Corporate Audio Visual Solutions

New Building Solutions

We will support your new construction project with professional AV plan, design and integration throughout the project. By bringing Neurilink into the planning process, we can help you and your general contractor identify the right AV solutions for each room.

Our team can design and integrate entire business campuses, from conference rooms to multi-use interactive spaces. Our integrated systems feature intuitive touch panel control systems with a familiar user interface, so users can effectively transition between rooms without requiring additional training.


Whether your IT team will manage the system on an ongoing basis, or if you choose to utilize with our support services, your systems will seamlessly integrate for efficient upkeep.

Our team is trusted by multi-national organizations for new build systems.

Renovating Existing Spaces

Conference rooms and huddle rooms are at the heart of what we do. If you’re renovating office space and are interested in updating the AV system, we can provide you innovative, reliable solutions.

We transform conference rooms into a technology-driven collaboration space with:

Fixing What's Broken

Few things are more frustrating than audio visual solutions that don’t work. Systems can experience increased glitches as they age, or they may have never actually worked reliably. Our team can diagnose your old system and provide recommendations on the pros and cons of updating versus getting a new platform. Sometimes we can even recommend a mix of both, incorporating existing hardware with new software platforms for a more cost-effective solution. Whatever the situation we will give you honest feedback on the limitations, and benefits, of each option so you can make the best decision.

We can also help you leverage existing platforms, such as Teams, and scale it to fit your growing organization’s needs.  By integrating Teams with a video conferencing system, your team can keep their platform and have the ability to effectively communicate in conference rooms.