Conference Room AV Systems

Technologies that can be included in conference room AV systems

Technology is a foundational tool in conference rooms. It allows presenters to share important updates, teams to collaborate across locations, and partnerships to flourish.

Meeting & Conference rooms are the nervous system in a business environment. They offer a private, productive space for teams to plan initiatives, collaborate and update stakeholders.

Meeting room audio visual systems vary from large conference rooms to small huddle spaces.  Meeting rooms can feature video conferencing, audio conferencing, or simple plug and play screen sharing.

The desired experience, and how the solution supports a company’s workflow, will impact the equipment and technologies featured in the space. Conference rooms may feature dual-screens with ceiling-mounted microphones and touch panel user interface, while a huddle room may include an interactive display.

Our projects range from a single conference room refresh to enterprise wide standardization for meeting room design and integration.

How We Can Help

Our team will take care of your audio visual needs from start to finish. The entire system design and install is completed by a knowledgeable, experienced team.

Neurilink relies on its hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients.

We Will

  • Provide a needs assessment at your location: An account executive will visit your location to better understand your business, the purpose of the room and budget. This meeting sets the foundation for the audio visual experience.
  • Create a scope and project plan: With an overall understanding of your needs, the account executive will work with our design team to put the details into a scope and project plan. This outlines the general functionality of the space.
  • Design the blueprint for your meeting room audio visual system: Our design team develops the blue print for the entire audio visual system. This includes the exact components, connectors, mounts and wires down to the last detail of the system.
  • Program the system: Programming takes the blue print and custom programs each element to work together through the user interface.
  • Install the system: The install team will come on-site to put in your new conference room AV system.
  • Commissioning: Once the system is installed, the commissioner tests the system to ensure everything works correctly and fixes any bugs.
  • Provide on-going support and repair: We have a variety of service agreements available to fit your organization.

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