AV Technology For The Campus and Classroom

Technologies that can be included in Classroom AV systems

Neurilink helps educational institutions enhance the learning experience through audio visual technology. We help K-12 and Higher Education organizations leverage technologies like interactive displays, sound systems, intercoms, projectors, and virtual reality to improve the learning environment.

Technology is an important classroom tool. Interactive displays, bring your own device (BYOD), projectors, intercoms and even microphones can be found in most K-12 and higher education classrooms.

Hearing a teacher during a lecture and seeing a presentation without strain are fundamental components of education. Technology can help.

Even in K-12 classrooms, a microphone can be the difference between an engaged class and distracted students that can’t fully hear the lecture. Likewise, the correct screen size in a lecture hall allows students to see and digest the content.

Our team plans, designs and installs AV technologies throughout the Northwest from our locations in Washington and Idaho.

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Classroom Technology

Interactive Display

Interactive Displays offer a monitor without the need for projector bulbs, wireless internet and can be very easy to use. An interactive display is a large monitor that is controlled by touching the screen, like an oversized tablet. While interactive displays exist in the market, we’re seeing a trend towards displays which can be used with a variety of different platforms and software. See how one school leverages interactive displays to increase content knowledge.

Personal Microphone

Microphones developed for the education setting offer a variety of styles. They  can hang like a necklace or tie around a teacher’s neck, offering a hands-free experience. Completely voice controlled, these microphones can be turned on and off by a simple voice command. For larger spaces, we provide wireless hand-held and lapel microphones, as well as podium microphones.


BYOD is becoming increasingly important in education, and so is finding technologies that can work in a BYOD environment. We can recommend BYOD friendly technology for your classroom.

Virtual Reality

We work with zSpace, a platform which brings together AR and VR to create an immersive experience for K-12 to Higher Ed students.

Auditorium & Lecture Hall Technology

Projectors + Screens

Neurilink helps you find the right projector system based upon the size, clarity and functional needs. Our team has helped customers with solutions from short-throw projectors to multi-projector systems for large auditoriums.

Sound Systems

MICROPHONES   Whether it’s  podium or hand-held, the microphone must match the needs of the room. We have installed mobile podium and microphone systems for rooms to provide additional flexibility in the space.

SPEAKERS   Neurilink’s design group recommends the size and location of speaker systems for clear sound. Often overlooked in the planning process, speaker choice and placement are paramount for a functional lecture hall, allowing students throughout the room to hear the information.

Connectivity + User Interface

CONNECTIVITY   Lap tops, tablets, and mobile phones are everywhere, and having appropriate power enables students to engage in the content through long lectures. Our team  installs connection boxes in table for plug and play, charging and more.

USER INTERFACE   Depending on how the space will be used, we can program an intuitive user interface or develop a plug and play option.

Campus Technology

We have experience with campus-wide and large projects that require bids. Once the bid is secure, our design team will work with your consultant to ensure the final system works as intended. Our installation team is professional, knowledgeable, and leaves the space clean after the install. The system commissioner then visits the campus for a final check and training of the system.  We also provide ongoing AV support.


Intercom systems keep your school running smooth and safely. Our team can install an intercom refresh campus-wide, or assist you in designing a new campus system.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used in entry ways, hallways, and multi-purpose spaces. It’s a dynamic tool for sharing your message, helping find locations around the campus, and displaying your brand. Our digital signage experience includes signage, kiosks, wayfinding and video walls.

Multipurpose Spaces

GYMNASIUM   We create sound and video systems which are flexible and maximize space requirements. Reverberation in gyms and can be troublesome, and our team has the tools and knowledge to develop a solution which addresses these issues.

THEATER    Precisely designed and computer modeled audio systems provide proper coverage and audio requirements for performing spaces. Audio visual technology for these types of spaces are one of our fortes. Hanging large speaker clusters/arrays and setting up DSP based systems is where art and science converge. Our team takes pride in the ability to meld these to perspectives into a quality solution.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

Our team can help you find the right conference room technology for your higher ed campus. From screen sharing to full video conferencing systems for multi-campus schools, we create an easy-to-use, reliable system. Learn more about meeting room technology.

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