Deliver the Modern Auditorium Experience

Experience professional design, installation and ongoing support in your auditorium environments.

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Create a professional in-person experience

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Broadcast to your offices and employees across the globe

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Experience a reliable AV system that works

Poorly designed auditorium AV can compromise your company’s presentations, employee experience and brand image.

  • Confusing System Controls

    may delay your events

  • Inadequate audio design

    can dis­rupt a pre­sen­ta­tion’s momentum

  • Unstable streaming

    frus­trates the vir­tu­al atten­dee’s experience

Auditorium AV should never compromise the attendee experience.

Give your team a better company meeting experience.

  • Flexible systems

    Can your AV han­dle a CEO’s pre­sen­ta­tion at an all-com­pa­ny meet­ing as well as a guest pan­el for an event? Our expert­ly designed sys­tems pro­vide the flex­i­bil­i­ty required to use your audi­to­ri­um to its fullest potential.

  • Easy-to-see visuals

    As the trend moves to nat­u­ral­ly-lit audi­to­ri­ums, the right pro­jec­tors and dis­plays are required to accom­mo­date bright­ly lit interiors.

  • Reliable audio

    Ener­gy and momen­tum come to a halt when audio issues arise. Upgrade to a mod­ern audi­to­ri­um design with a reli­able audio system.

  • Robust streaming

    As more com­pa­nies host vir­tu­al con­fer­ences, we mod­ern­ize your stream­ing sys­tem to cre­ate a seam­less expe­ri­ence for both in-per­son and vir­tu­al attendees.

ADA Compliance

Find out about assis­tive lis­ten­ing tech­nol­o­gy, height adjustable lecterns, and more.

Auditorium Sample System


Screen or Direct View LED

Audi­to­ri­um screens are typ­i­cal­ly larg­er than 133″, depend­ing on the size of the room. Direct View LED Dis­plays offer a super-pre­mi­um experience.



Speak­ers are often zoned to cre­ate a bet­ter audio expe­ri­ence for attendees.


Lecterns or Credenzas

Lecterns and cre­den­zas pro­vide a loca­tion for the rack which pow­ers the audi­to­ri­um sys­tem while align­ing with your room’s finishes.



The rec­om­mend­ed pro­jec­tor depends on the space, size of pro­jec­tor screen, ambi­ent light and throw distance.



Cam­eras are rec­om­mend­ed based on the use case and room depth.

Audi­to­ri­um AV design requires an expe­ri­enced, detail-focused team to ensure noth­ing is over­looked. Our account exec­u­tives, design­ers, pro­gram­mers, installers and com­mis­sion­ers have suc­cess­ful­ly devel­oped and installed large audi­to­ri­um sys­tems in busi­ness and edu­ca­tion environments.

We offer full audi­to­ri­um audio visu­al solu­tions. Our team will work with your IT lead, AV con­sul­tant or facil­i­ties group to devel­op a sys­tem for your space. We can also part­ner with your audio visu­al con­sul­tant to bring their design to life.


System Control

Audi­to­ri­um sys­tem con­trol doesn’t have to be com­pli­cat­ed. We have expe­ri­ence design­ing large audi­to­ri­um spaces with pre-set con­fig­u­ra­tions. Once we under­stand the com­mon use case for your audi­to­ri­um, we will pro­gram the sys­tem con­trol to trig­ger lights, shades, audio and visu­als to auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust to the select­ed con­fig­u­ra­tion. The con­fig­u­ra­tion for a sin­gle pre­sen­ter may dim light­ing near the stage, turn on a spot­light, low­er the pro­jec­tion screen, close blinds, and turn on a sin­gle micro­phone. The con­fig­u­ra­tion for a pan­el pre­sen­ta­tion increase house light­ing, retract the pro­jec­tor screen, open blinds, and turn on four lapel micro­phones. All this hap­pens with the touch of a button.

Projector Screen

Powerful Visuals

Screens and Pro­jec­tors play a crit­i­cal role in audi­to­ri­um AV. As trends con­tin­ue towards nat­ur­al light and large win­dows in audi­to­ri­um, the selec­tion of pro­jec­tor bright­ness and con­trast is crit­i­cal for the employ­ee and stu­dent expe­ri­ence. Our design­ers take into account the dis­tance from the far­thest view­er, nat­ur­al light, and arti­fi­cial light to rec­om­mend screen sizes, types and projectors.

Seamless Audio

Our design team will devel­op an audio solu­tion based on your space, bud­get and pref­er­ences. From cor­po­rate audi­to­ri­um to the­ater, we lever­age mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy to pro­vide qual­i­ty cov­er­age for all your atten­dees. Our design­ers are expe­ri­enced with Dante enabled wire­less micro­phone solu­tions as well as line array and in-ceil­ing speakers.


Meeting Streaming

Whether you’re a multi­na­tion­al cor­po­ra­tion shar­ing your CEO’s pre­sen­ta­tion to all your offices or host­ing a pan­el with atten­dees over video, our team can design a solu­tion that meets your con­fer­enc­ing, record­ing and archiv­ing needs. We also pro­vide meet­ing sup­port for those orga­ni­za­tions who need addi­tion­al tech­ni­cal assis­tance for broad­casts and stream­ing meetings.

Your company deserves the modern auditorium experience.

Your company’s brand reputation shouldn’t have to suffer from a poorly designed auditorium setup.

Call us to cre­ate an AV solu­tion that brings the mod­ern audi­to­ri­um expe­ri­ence to your high­est vis­i­bil­i­ty meet­ings and events.