Deliver the Modern Auditorium Experience

Experience professional design, installation and ongoing support in your auditorium environments.

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Create a professional in-person experience

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Broadcast to your offices and employees across the globe

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Experience a reliable AV system that works

Poorly designed auditorium AV can compromise your company’s presentations, employee experience and brand image.

  • Confusing System Controls

    may delay your events

  • Inadequate audio design

    can disrupt a presentation’s momentum

  • Unstable streaming

    frustrates the virtual attendee’s experience

Auditorium AV should never compromise the attendee experience.

Give your team a better company meeting experience.

  • Flexible systems

    Can your AV handle a CEO’s presentation at an all-company meeting as well as a guest panel for an event? Our expertly designed systems provide the flexibility required to use your auditorium to its fullest potential.

  • Easy-to-see visuals

    As the trend moves to naturally-lit auditoriums, the right projectors and displays are required to accommodate brightly lit interiors.

  • Reliable audio

    Energy and momentum come to a halt when audio issues arise. Upgrade to a modern auditorium design with a reliable audio system.

  • Robust streaming

    As more companies host virtual conferences, we modernize your streaming system to create a seamless experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.

ADA Compliance

Find out about assistive listening technology, height adjustable lecterns, and more.

Auditorium Sample System


Screen or Direct View LED

Auditorium screens are typically larger than 133″, depending on the size of the room. Direct View LED Displays offer a super-premium experience.



Speakers are often zoned to create a better audio experience for attendees.


Lecterns or Credenzas

Lecterns and credenzas provide a location for the rack which powers the auditorium system while aligning with your room’s finishes.



The recommended projector depends on the space, size of projector screen, ambient light and throw distance.



Cameras are recommended based on the use case and room depth.

Auditorium AV design requires an experienced, detail-focused team to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our account executives, designers, programmers, installers and commissioners have successfully developed and installed large auditorium systems in business and education environments.

We offer full auditorium audio visual solutions. Our team will work with your IT lead, AV consultant or facilities group to develop a system for your space. We can also partner with your audio visual consultant to bring their design to life.


System Control

Auditorium system control doesn’t have to be complicated. We have experience designing large auditorium spaces with pre-set configurations. Once we understand the common use case for your auditorium, we will program the system control to trigger lights, shades, audio and visuals to automatically adjust to the selected configuration. The configuration for a single presenter may dim lighting near the stage, turn on a spotlight, lower the projection screen, close blinds, and turn on a single microphone. The configuration for a panel presentation increase house lighting, retract the projector screen, open blinds, and turn on four lapel microphones. All this happens with the touch of a button.

Projector Screen

Powerful Visuals

Screens and Projectors play a critical role in auditorium AV. As trends continue towards natural light and large windows in auditorium, the selection of projector brightness and contrast is critical for the employee and student experience. Our designers take into account the distance from the farthest viewer, natural light, and artificial light to recommend screen sizes, types and projectors.

Seamless Audio

Our design team will develop an audio solution based on your space, budget and preferences. From corporate auditorium to theater, we leverage modern technology to provide quality coverage for all your attendees. Our designers are experienced with Dante enabled wireless microphone solutions as well as line array and in-ceiling speakers.


Meeting Streaming

Whether you’re a multinational corporation sharing your CEO’s presentation to all your offices or hosting a panel with attendees over video, our team can design a solution that meets your conferencing, recording and archiving needs. We also provide meeting support for those organizations who need additional technical assistance for broadcasts and streaming meetings.

Your company deserves the modern auditorium experience.

Your company’s brand reputation shouldn’t have to suffer from a poorly designed auditorium setup.

Call us to create an AV solution that brings the modern auditorium experience to your highest visibility meetings and events.