Auditorium Audio Visual Solutions

AV system options for auditoriums

Audio Visual design for auditoriums requires an experienced, detail-focused team to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our account executives, designers, programmers, installers and commissioners have successfully developed and installed large auditorium systems in business and education environments.


We offer full auditorium audio visual solutions. Our team will work with your IT lead, AV consultant or facilities group to develop a system for your space.

We have experience implementing full auditorium AV in large spaces with multiple divisible areas. The audio visual systems automatically detect when a room is divided and shift  displays to show the right information to the right audience.

Our team can work in conjunction with your audio visual consultant to bring the design to life or develop the entire system with our internal design team.


We can help your team understand the various screen options. We work with automatic drop-down screens, permanent screens and multi-screen spaces. The right solution will depend on the size and viewing angles of your space, as well as what the area will be used for.


Our team recommends a projector system based on the room needs. Our go-to manufacturers offer short throw, auditorium projectors and more. We can design the system to respond to an adjustment in room size based on divisible walls. This function allows projectors to display information from 1 or 2 sources depending on how the room is set up.


Sound amplification is paramount in an auditorium. A presenter needs a microphone system in order to share their message in a large auditorium. A poor sound system has the potential to leave an auditorium unusable and create unnecessary frustration for the presenter and audience.  Depending on your space, we can recommend and integrate the appropriate microphone, be it podium, lapel, wired and wireless.


Like microphones, speakers are critical in a large auditorium. The speaker system can be an afterthought instead of at the forefront of design causing a poor user experience. The audience’s ability to clearly hear the speaker is fundamental to a positive large-group experience. Our team of experts designs the speaker systems so each area can hear what is being said. The number, type, and positioning of speakers all play a critical role in an exceptional audio experience.


Lap tops, tablets, cell phones- they’re all critical and they all run out of battery. Connectivity boxes feature power, enabling students taking notes or colleagues accessing important messages to stay linked to others.

How We Can Help

Neurilink relies on its hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients.

  • Our team will walk through your existing space or work with your building team to assess the size, layout and needs of the auditorium.
  • We will develop a recommended solution incorporating audio and visual technologies for the space
  • The Neurilink technical team will create a technology blueprint for the space and program various components to work together
  • We will install the system in your space
  • The system will be comissioned to ensure each element functions properly

Auditorium Audio Visual Solutions Leverage Technology From Manufacturers Like