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Get a fresh look at how Zoom can scale in your workplace.

Zoom. Enhanced for the Workplace.

Zoom is known for its ease of use as a cloud-based web conferencing system. With the enhanced capabilities, it has grown to encompass the meeting room.

But how much can it scale? 

In short. As much as you need it to. Small business with one meeting room? We can help. Enterprise organization requiring standardization across huddle spaces, conference rooms, and board rooms? That’s our specialty. 

You get the system you need. From a basic solution to a standardized experience across two-hundred meeting spaces. And it’s all backed by a team of in-house, trained Neurilink experts.

More Expertise = Better Experience

Next Level Zoom Meeting Spaces

Cookie cutter systems aren't for everyone. Get a fully-integrated, standardized conference room experience that can be scaled from huddle room to board room.

Room Control From the Same Panel

You don't have to choose between ease-of-use and flexibility. A panel provides the Zoom interface and full room-control.

Easy Room Scheduling

Automatically schedule a room when you schedule a meeting. No extra steps. Zoom paired with Crestron room controls offers seamless reliability.

Zoom Scaled For The Conference Room

HD Video and Audio

High quality video, audio and web conferencing in any sized room.

Wireless Sharing

Share wirelessly in the video conference without needing to join the call from your device.

One touch to meet

Start a scheduled meeting instantly with a single touch.

Enterprise Remote Management

Dashboard and alerts for scalable management can be grouped by location or room type.

Interactive Whiteboard

Co-annotate on your room's interactive whiteboard in your Zoom call. Ask us how intelligent design makes this easier for your team.

Multi-Screen Sharing

Never say "can you pass the cord, I want to share" again. You can screen share while they screen share, in perfect harmony.

Simple Systems for a Single Conference Room

Want to give your small business a leg up on the competition? A professional video conferencing system can bring your customer and partner communications to the next level. Don’t rely on your lap top for communication. Get crisp audio, clear video and even the ability to host webinars. You also get added benefits like digital signage software included for free. Instead of a blank screen when not in use, leverage your display to market your organization.

Fully Integrated, Standardized, Enterprise-Wide Solutions

Developing a cross-company, standardized AV experience is where we excel. Our custom developed AV standards have been deployed throughout the nation and across the globe. If your organization wants to standardize on Zoom, we have the know-how to scale it from small huddle rooms to large meeting rooms and everything in between. Whether you have 5 locations or 500, our methodical designs and expert programming can scale Zoom for your organization.

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