Video Conferencing

Get an easy-to-use, professional systems designed around your favorite video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams.

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Through our hands-on approach combined with extensive expertise and commitment to AV we produce reliable, easy-to-use video conferencing systems for the professional environment.

Whether you’re using Zoom, Teams, Skype for Business or need recommendations for a new platform, we can help. Neurilink is a one-stop-shop for AV design, integration and support. You’ll get a solution designed for you, your space, and your needs.

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Calling from Conference Rooms

We have years of experience helping companies throughout the Northwest effectively video conference in the meeting room. While these systems include equipment like speakers, microphones, and cameras, they’re far more complex than dialing in from a computer. Developing an easy-to-use video conferencing solution requires a well-designed system, professional hardware, and a user interface crafted by an experienced programmer. Our team will take into account the nuances of your conference room, desired outcomes, and use case to craft a solution.

Dialing from Your Desk

Most of us have joined in a video conferencing meeting from our home office. This set up requires a microphone, speaker, camera, video conferencing platform and internet. This can be as basic or advanced as you want. If you’re a heavy user, investing in a dual-monitors will give you the ability to see the people on the call on one monitor, and content on the other. Similarly, professional grade microphones, speakers and cameras combine to offer a better experience for you and the people you’re talking to.

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Video Conferencing Hardware


You may require single, double, or triple displays to provide the desired experience during your video conference. As video conferencing is adopted more widely in the workspace, users don't want to have to choose between content and colleagues. They want to see all the important information, and people, simultaneously.


Cameras are getting smarter. New solutions feature speaker tracking and auto-zoom. Speaker tracking cameras find the active speaker and zoom in on that individual. Auto-zoom functionality 'right sizes' the level of zoom based on the number of people in the room. If a twelve person conference room is being used by four, the camera will intelligently zoom in on the four participants. The right camera for your video conferencing system will depend on the room size, desired functionality, and budget.


Microphones made for video conferencing environments feature technology like echo-canceling, steerable lobes and autofocus technology. Speaker technology has also advanced, boasting functionality like auto-gaining, which intelligently adjusts the volume level so all participants on your video call can be heard at a consistent level. The right technology will depend on the size of the room, number of participants, and overall aesthetic you desire.

Control Panel

The control panel controls the room. It lets you start a video conference at the push of a button, adjust the volume, and share your screen. With the right programmer, the control panel can take your meeting to new levels. 

AV Standardization

Large organizations with a variety of room types can find significant value in standardized AV solutions custom designed for their unique needs. We’ve helped¬† enterprise clients in Idaho and Washington develop AV standards deployed both in their office locally and across the nation. This provides employees a consistent experience across locations and room types.