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We design and install digital signage, wayfinding and video wall solutions that amplify your organization’s messaging

Digital Signage
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Energize your space

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Effectively share company news, promotions, products, metrics and more

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Easily update content as often as you want

Modernize Your Message

We’ve designed and installed some of the largest direct view LED video walls in the Northwest. We’ve installed hundreds of LCD displays for digital signage, wayfinding and menu use.

We offer digital signage solutions from leading providers like Planar, LG, Samsung, NEC, Brightsign and Nanolumens- we’ll help you create a modern, eye-catching environment for your office.

Make a statement inside or outside of your building. Direct View LED video walls offer a seamless, no-bezel view of your content.

Direct View LED Wall in Lobby

Direct View LED video walls are taking the market by storm. As the technology gets better, pixel pitch (the space between pixels) continues to get tighter and pricing is coming down. If you were shocked by your quote for a Direct View LED video wall a few years ago, it’s time to revisit the conversation. You may be surprised.

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Digital signage reinforces safety messaging, check in processes and branding. Share metrics, KPIs, and upcoming events in employee-focused spaces.

4K has become the go-to resolution for LCD displays. Most commercial displays on the market are now 4K. If a crisp image is important you’ll also need a 4K player and 4K content.  Resolution falls to the lowest common denominator, so if your player only supports 1080P, then that’s what you’ll see on your display.

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Interactive Displays

Get additional flexibility in the classroom or conference room with interactive displays.

Annotate over websites, brainstorm with the digital whiteboard, or use it for video collaboration.

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Clevertouch annotation copies from the web and pastes onto the digital whiteboard
Kiosk and LCD Dispaly


Clearly show visitors how to navigate your campus or building with interactive wayfinding solutions.

Wayfinding is a popular content option for interactive displays and kiosks, allowing users to see where they are and how to get to their desired location.

We partner with your content provider to identify the ideal hardware to support your project.

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Flexible Menu Boards

Digital signage menu boards can be updated as often as you choose, highlighting daily specials, events, new products and price changes.

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Digital Menu Board
brightsign digital signage player

Digital Signage Players

You have a vision for digital signage that will capture your customer’s attention, the next step is getting it to play on the display. Digital signage players work at the convergence of content and hardware.

Many players also provide software to incorporate content from social media, HTML, RSS feeds and widgets (like weather). They create zones so different areas of the display feature different content, like a ticker box. They also let you schedule your content so you’re showing the right message to the right audience at the right time.

How we can help

Neurilink relies on our hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients. We take care of your audio visual needs from start to finish.