Sound Masking

Upgrade your team’s in-office experience by reducing noise distractions.

Open Office
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Reduced speech intelligibility helps keep converstaions private

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Less noise distractions in the open office

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Fewer interruptions from side conversations

Is your open office distracting?

We’ve all expe­ri­enced it, try­ing to ignore a con­ver­sa­tion from the desk next to you. But it’s dif­fi­cult to tune out oth­er con­ver­sa­tions when they’re loud and easy to understand.

Sound mask­ing address­es dis­tract­ing open office issues by cre­at­ing ambi­ent sound. This makes speech more dif­fi­cult to under­stand, so it fades into the back­ground of an open office. Sound mask­ing helps reduce open office dis­trac­tion and keeps pri­vate con­ver­sa­tions confidential.

Sound Masking is helpful in loud environments or where sensitive information is discussed.

  • Open Offices

  • Conference Rooms

  • Board Rooms

  • Waiting Areas

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Offices

  • Libraries

  • Banks

  • Courtrooms

  • Law Offices

  • Reception Areas

  • Spas

How it works

Schedule an Appointment

One of our experts will vis­it your office to learn more and gath­er the infor­ma­tion need­ed to devel­op a proposal.

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Proposal Sign Off

Once you approve the pro­pos­al and process the down pay­ment, we can order hard­ware and sched­ule your project.


Sound Mask­ing emit­ters are installed in the ceil­ing by a team of pro­fes­sion­al AV tech­ni­cians. Typ­i­cal­ly emit­ters are installed in com­mon areas, open offices and hall­ways out­side of pri­vate offices and meet­ing spaces.

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A Com­mis­sion­er then tunes the sound mask­ing sys­tem to the lev­els required for your office’s ambi­ent noise lev­el and over­all environment.


Your teams can now enjoy the acoustic ben­e­fits of sound masking.

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How we can help

Neurilink relies on our hand-select­ed mix of sup­pli­ers to bring the most advanced, reli­able solu­tions to our cus­tomers. Our team takes com­pli­cat­ed, mul­ti-ven­dor sys­tems and trans­forms them into intu­itive, sta­ble plat­forms for our clients. We take care of your audio visu­al needs from start to finish.

Case studies

At Neurilink, our solu­tions will help your team stay pro­duc­tive while bol­ster­ing your company’s pro­fes­sion­al presence.