Sound Masking

Upgrade your team’s in-office experience by reducing noise distractions.

Open Office
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Reduced speech intelligibility helps keep converstaions private

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Less noise distractions in the open office

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Fewer interruptions from side conversations

Is your open office distracting?

We’ve all experienced it, trying to ignore a conversation from the desk next to you. But it’s difficult to tune out other conversations when they’re loud and easy to understand.

Sound masking addresses distracting open office issues by creating ambient sound. This makes speech more difficult to understand, so it fades into the background of an open office. Sound masking helps reduce open office distraction and keeps private conversations confidential.

Sound Masking is helpful in loud environments or where sensitive information is discussed.

  • Open Offices

  • Conference Rooms

  • Board Rooms

  • Waiting Areas

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Offices

  • Libraries

  • Banks

  • Courtrooms

  • Law Offices

  • Reception Areas

  • Spas

How it works

Schedule an Appointment

One of our experts will visit your office to learn more and gather the information needed to develop a proposal.

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Proposal Sign Off

Once you approve the proposal and process the down payment, we can order hardware and schedule your project.


Sound Masking emitters are installed in the ceiling by a team of professional AV technicians. Typically emitters are installed in common areas, open offices and hallways outside of private offices and meeting spaces.

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A Commissioner then tunes the sound masking system to the levels required for your office’s ambient noise level and overall environment.


Your teams can now enjoy the acoustic benefits of sound masking.

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How we can help

Neurilink relies on our hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients. We take care of your audio visual needs from start to finish.

Case studies

At Neurilink, our solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.