Acoustic Panels

Reduce the noise level in your workspace with sound absorbing panels.

Acoustic Panel

Architecture and audio quality can find themselves at odds in the modern office.

Meeting rooms encased in glass, plexi-glass partitions between individual workspaces, and open areas all contribute to reverberations and an increased noise floor in your workplace. As trends continue pushing towards clean, modern looking environments filled with hard surfaces, audio quality suffers. Acoustic panels help mitigate the negative effects hard surfaces have on the noise levels in your environment all while fitting in (and even enhancing) the aesthetics of your office space.

While many audio solutions feature echo canceling and autofocus technology, they can still struggle to overcome the effects of a meeting room filled with hard surfaces. Acoustic panels, which absorb sound are the second piece to the audio equation. They dampen the reverberations, echos and background noise caused by these hard-surfaced environments.

Get familiar with Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is rated on a 0–1 NRC scale. A zero rating means that 0% of the sound energy that reaches it is absorbed and 100% is reflected back. A rating of one indicates that a material absorbs 100% of sound energy that reaches it and 0% is reflected back.

Zintra by MDC Interior Solutions offers options that range from 0.4 – 0.95 NRC depending on the solution and how the system is mounted.

Zintra NRC
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Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Zintra Ceiling Acoustic Panels offer sound absorption in a modern solution. Zintra offers 1/2″ & 1/8″ sheets in a variety of colors. Want it customized? Zintra offers digital printing which combines sound absorbing with your brand-aligned imaging.  Think outside the box to incorporate wood, brick, and other natural images in your print.

Baffle acoustic panel
Zintras Quarter


Arrayed baffles create a quarter circle, use four to create a full circle or alternate for a zig-zag pattern.

Box baffle

Box Baffles

Suspended box-shaped baffles provide modern-looking options while increasing the NRC rating. Select the same shape or mix and match for added dimension.


Baffle System

Choose from an array of designs and colors. The Baffle solution is ideal for large noisy spaces.

Individual Baffle

Individual Baffles

Get added design flexibility with each baffle hanging from its own set of cables.



Choose full or partial ceiling coverage with a unique aesthetic.



Enhance your space with 3D hanging acoustic clouds.



Geometric forms add character and noise reduction with a modern look.

Etched acoustic panel

Acoustic Wall Panels

Zintra offers sliding screens, floor to ceiling suspension, textures and blade acoustic wall panels. Zintra also offers 3D designs in etched, texture, pattern, sculpt and blade products.



Subtle, etched patterns offer a 3D design using a shallow V‑Groove cut.



Layered strips create a vivid pattern or choose multiple strip heights for a 3D layer and added depth.

Box Tile

Box Tile

Box Tile can be arranged in a variety of styles and depths with mix and match colors.



Sculpt delivers all the noise reduction benefits of acoustic panels with a sophisticated look.



The sky’s the limit with patterns. Pair with a backing panel for even more color.



3D texture features carefully cut shapes which project from the surface of the panel.



Wall mounted blades increase surface area and provide greater sound absorption compared to flat panels.

Unique Mounting Options

Sliding Screen

Sliding Screen

Get your favorite Zintra pattern with the hardware needed to create a sliding screen for flexible, divisible spaces.

Floor to ceiling

Floor to Ceiling

Suspend your Zintra Acoustic panel from the ceiling for a modern, divisible solution.


Zintra offers Acoustic accessories for the flexible office and personal workspace. Concertina provides an easy-to-move, folding partition for added privacy and temporary space division. Personal workspace options include desk wrap, desk dividers, desk screens and desk modesty solutions.

Acoustic panel desk divider


No assembly required with flexible, fold up partitions.

Desk wrap

Desk Options

Zintra offers a variety of desk wraps, modesty panels, and dividers

Desk Divider

Social Distancing Solutions

Get in touch to lean more about workspace social distancing options from Zintra

Transform your office acoustics.

Case studies

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