Acoustic Panels

Reduce the noise level in your workspace with sound absorbing panels.

Acoustic Panel

Architecture and audio quality can find themselves at odds in the modern office.

Meet­ing rooms encased in glass, plexi-glass par­ti­tions between indi­vid­ual work­spaces, and open areas all con­tribute to rever­ber­a­tions and an increased noise floor in your work­place. As trends con­tin­ue push­ing towards clean, mod­ern look­ing envi­ron­ments filled with hard sur­faces, audio qual­i­ty suf­fers. Acoustic pan­els help mit­i­gate the neg­a­tive effects hard sur­faces have on the noise lev­els in your envi­ron­ment all while fit­ting in (and even enhanc­ing) the aes­thet­ics of your office space.

While many audio solu­tions fea­ture echo can­cel­ing and aut­o­fo­cus tech­nol­o­gy, they can still strug­gle to over­come the effects of a meet­ing room filled with hard sur­faces. Acoustic pan­els, which absorb sound are the sec­ond piece to the audio equa­tion. They damp­en the rever­ber­a­tions, echos and back­ground noise caused by these hard-sur­faced environments.

Get familiar with Sound Absorption

Sound absorp­tion is rat­ed on a 0–1 NRC scale. A zero rat­ing means that 0% of the sound ener­gy that reach­es it is absorbed and 100% is reflect­ed back. A rat­ing of one indi­cates that a mate­r­i­al absorbs 100% of sound ener­gy that reach­es it and 0% is reflect­ed back.

Zin­tra by MDC Inte­ri­or Solu­tions offers options that range from 0.4 – 0.95 NRC depend­ing on the solu­tion and how the sys­tem is mounted.

Zintra NRC
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Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Zin­tra Ceil­ing Acoustic Pan­els offer sound absorp­tion in a mod­ern solu­tion. Zin­tra offers 1/2″ & 1/8″ sheets in a vari­ety of col­ors. Want it cus­tomized? Zin­tra offers dig­i­tal print­ing which com­bines sound absorb­ing with your brand-aligned imag­ing.  Think out­side the box to incor­po­rate wood, brick, and oth­er nat­ur­al images in your print.

Baffle acoustic panel
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Arrayed baf­fles cre­ate a quar­ter cir­cle, use four to cre­ate a full cir­cle or alter­nate for a zig-zag pattern.

Box baffle

Box Baffles

Sus­pend­ed box-shaped baf­fles pro­vide mod­ern-look­ing options while increas­ing the NRC rat­ing. Select the same shape or mix and match for added dimension.


Baffle System

Choose from an array of designs and col­ors. The Baf­fle solu­tion is ide­al for large noisy spaces.

Individual Baffle

Individual Baffles

Get added design flex­i­bil­i­ty with each baf­fle hang­ing from its own set of cables.



Choose full or par­tial ceil­ing cov­er­age with a unique aesthetic.



Enhance your space with 3D hang­ing acoustic clouds.



Geo­met­ric forms add char­ac­ter and noise reduc­tion with a mod­ern look.

Etched acoustic panel

Acoustic Wall Panels

Zin­tra offers slid­ing screens, floor to ceil­ing sus­pen­sion, tex­tures and blade acoustic wall pan­els. Zin­tra also offers 3D designs in etched, tex­ture, pat­tern, sculpt and blade products.



Sub­tle, etched pat­terns offer a 3D design using a shal­low V‑Groove cut.



Lay­ered strips cre­ate a vivid pat­tern or choose mul­ti­ple strip heights for a 3D lay­er and added depth.

Box Tile

Box Tile

Box Tile can be arranged in a vari­ety of styles and depths with mix and match colors.



Sculpt deliv­ers all the noise reduc­tion ben­e­fits of acoustic pan­els with a sophis­ti­cat­ed look.



The sky’s the lim­it with pat­terns. Pair with a back­ing pan­el for even more color.



3D tex­ture fea­tures care­ful­ly cut shapes which project from the sur­face of the panel.



Wall mount­ed blades increase sur­face area and pro­vide greater sound absorp­tion com­pared to flat panels.

Unique Mounting Options

Sliding Screen

Sliding Screen

Get your favorite Zin­tra pat­tern with the hard­ware need­ed to cre­ate a slid­ing screen for flex­i­ble, divis­i­ble spaces.

Floor to ceiling

Floor to Ceiling

Sus­pend your Zin­tra Acoustic pan­el from the ceil­ing for a mod­ern, divis­i­ble solution.


Zin­tra offers Acoustic acces­sories for the flex­i­ble office and per­son­al work­space. Con­certi­na pro­vides an easy-to-move, fold­ing par­ti­tion for added pri­va­cy and tem­po­rary space divi­sion. Per­son­al work­space options include desk wrap, desk dividers, desk screens and desk mod­esty solutions.

Acoustic panel desk divider


No assem­bly required with flex­i­ble, fold up partitions.

Desk wrap

Desk Options

Zin­tra offers a vari­ety of desk wraps, mod­esty pan­els, and dividers

Desk Divider

Social Distancing Solutions

Get in touch to lean more about work­space social dis­tanc­ing options from Zintra

Transform your office acoustics.

Case studies

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