Unparalleled Office Acoustics

Say goodbye to obnoxious noise in your workspace

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Reduce the noise level in your workspace

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Dampen the reverberations, echoes and background noise in meeting rooms

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Diminish open office distractions

It’s time to transform your office acoustics.

Neurilink is proud to be a reseller of MDC Zin­tra Acoustic Pan­els and Cam­bridge by Biamp sound mask­ing. Our team is expe­ri­enced in quot­ing and installing these solu­tions in offices through­out the Northwest.

Acoustic Panels

While many audio solu­tions fea­ture echo can­cel­ing and aut­o­fo­cus tech­nol­o­gy, they can still strug­gle to over­come the effects of a meet­ing room filled with hard surfaces.

Acoustic pan­els help mit­i­gate the neg­a­tive effects hard sur­faces have on the noise lev­els in your envi­ron­ment all while fit­ting in (and even enhanc­ing) the aes­thet­ics of your office space.

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Sound Masking

It’s dif­fi­cult to tune out con­ver­sa­tions when they’re loud and easy to understand.

Sound mask­ing address­es dis­tract­ing open office issues by cre­at­ing ambi­ent sound. This makes speech more dif­fi­cult to under­stand so it fades into the back­ground of an open office.

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How we can help

Neurilink relies on our hand-select­ed mix of sup­pli­ers to bring the most advanced, reli­able solu­tions to our cus­tomers. Our team takes com­pli­cat­ed, mul­ti-ven­dor sys­tems and trans­forms them into intu­itive, sta­ble plat­forms for our clients. We take care of your audio visu­al needs from start to finish.