Unparalleled Office Acoustics

Say goodbye to obnoxious noise in your workspace

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Reduce the noise level in your workspace

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Dampen the reverberations, echoes and background noise in meeting rooms

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Diminish open office distractions

It’s time to transform your office acoustics.

Neurilink is proud to be a reseller of MDC Zintra Acoustic Panels and Cambridge by Biamp sound masking. Our team is experienced in quoting and installing these solutions in offices throughout the Northwest.

Acoustic Panels

While many audio solutions feature echo canceling and autofocus technology, they can still struggle to overcome the effects of a meeting room filled with hard surfaces.

Acoustic panels help mitigate the negative effects hard surfaces have on the noise levels in your environment all while fitting in (and even enhancing) the aesthetics of your office space.

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Sound Masking

It’s difficult to tune out conversations when they’re loud and easy to understand.

Sound masking addresses distracting open office issues by creating ambient sound. This makes speech more difficult to understand so it fades into the background of an open office.

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How we can help

Neurilink relies on our hand-selected mix of suppliers to bring the most advanced, reliable solutions to our customers. Our team takes complicated, multi-vendor systems and transforms them into intuitive, stable platforms for our clients. We take care of your audio visual needs from start to finish.