AV System Support + Service

Relief for IT Teams

Your team is already overwhelmed with IT initiatives. We support your AV systems so you can focus on your business.

Dedicated Technicians

Knowledgeable support technicians troubleshoot and resolve your issues fast.

laser-focused on av

Expertise in troubleshooting AV hardware, software and network changes that impact the systems.

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Embedded Technician [ full or part-time ]

Embedded technicians are ideal for large organizations with many AV-enabled spaces. A Neurilink technician will be at your facility on a full-time or part-time basis to troubleshoot AV system issues, support critical meetings and perform preventative maintenance. Get the benefits of an internal AV support technician without the overhead of a full-time employee.

Elite Protection

This is our white-glove, drop everything support. Customers with Elite Protection receive 2 hour return-call response time and 24 hour on-site response (Monday-Friday).  Tier 1, 2 and 3 support is included, so you're covered whether you need a little troubleshooting help or someone deployed to your facility. You'll also receive two complimentary system check-ups each year.  Hourly travel fees and shipping associated with returned or repaired items are also covered under this plan. 

Professional Support

For systems that are not critical to the workflow of your business, Professional Support may be the right fit. You’ll get the convenience of pre-paid hours at a discount off standard service rates. You also receive a 72-hour on-site response time. Say goodbye to cutting multiple POs since you’ll have a bank of hours to pull from in case of an issue. Block hours are offered in 5-hour increments and can be used for service, system training, meeting support or system check-ups.

Reliable, Professional Support. Even for systems we didn’t install.

 Basic ServiceElite ProtectionEmbedded Technician
On-site hoursIncluded in 5 hr. incrementsUnlimited20 or 40 Hours / Week
Unlimited remote supportTier 1Tier 1 & 2Not Applicable, you'll have someone on-site!
Priority on-site response time*72 hours24 hoursDevoted on-site support
Custom Support Portalx
Premium white-glove servicexx
2 hour call response time*xNot Applicable, you'll have someone on-site!
System Check-UpsxYour Embedded Technician can conduct system check-ups
Waived shipping costs for returned or repaired itemsx
No hourly travel feesxNot Applicable, you'll have someone on-site!

*During normal business hours

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