AV Design Services

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Estimate AV costs in the budgeting phase of a new project with a ROM quote.

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Our AV design-build services take care of everything- from design to installation.

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Design Consulting

Let us help you create scalable standards across your company or bring your unique AV vision to life.

We successfully complete over 300 deployments annually for companies like yours.

Trusted by fortune 500 companies

As a Top 50 Systems Integrator, we’ve helped leading healthcare systems, Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and government entities reduce constant AV issues and restore productivity.

Whether you prefer Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, or another platform – we’ll help you build a reliable system to facilitate in-office and hybrid collaboration.

Budgeting [ROM Pricing]

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Align your budget and vision early-on in the design of your new office. Engaging with an AV integrator early on in the architecture process is key to a successful execution.

Budgetary, or ROM pricing  is offered to businesses and architects in the early budgeting phase of a new project. It provides a non-binding estimate based on your system requirements, number of rooms, and complexity. Budgetary pricing is typically requested 4 to 12 months before permits are pulled for an office refresh or new build. We provide Budgetary Pricing for projects ranging from a single conference room to multi-floor build-outs. Budgetary Pricing is complimentary for organizations in Idaho & Washington.


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The majority of projects fall into the Design-Build category. We provide a ready-to-use solution from start to finish. The quote you receive includes all the services, hardware, subscriptions and support needed to get you up and running with your meeting roomsauditoriumsdigital signage and unique environments.

  • PHASE 1: Pre-Contract

    The first step in a design-build project is the proposal & conceptual design. Our knowledgeable design experts will craft a scope of work and pricing which reflects your specific needs.

  • PHASE 2: System Development

    Once you’re under contract our team will begin ordering product, finalizing designs, programming your system and creating drawings for our install team.

  • PHASE 3: Installation

    Our trained technicians will assemble the technologies into a seamless solution. After installation is complete our Commissioner visits your site to test your system to ensure there’s no detail overlooked.

Design Consulting

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AV Design Consulting is for jobs where extra emphasis is required in the design stage. There are two project types that often benefit from Design Consulting.

The first is for those with an extraordinary vision for an AV-enabled space. These unique environments push the status quo, incorporate technology in uncommon ways, and bring your vision to life. Museums, community centers, and showcase environments are a few examples of areas that benefit from Design Consulting.

The second project types is those working with an architect and needing 5+ room types. We’ll work with your internal team to understand your needs and craft a set of design standards which can be deployed throughout your organization. These standards typically feature a similar interface with hardware specifically selected for the room type (for example: Huddle roomsMeeting Rooms and Board Rooms). The room systems are then replicated throughout your campus.

Strategic Design Consulting is a stand-alone design offering and is often paired with a quote for the system deployment.


Give your team the seamless, professional AV experience they deserve

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We’ll Design, Install and Support your new AV System
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Reclaim your time
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Frustration-free AV solutions

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