AV Design Services

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Esti­mate AV costs in the bud­get­ing phase of a new project with a ROM quote.

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Our AV design-build ser­vices take care of every­thing- from design to installation.

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Design Consulting

Let us help you cre­ate scal­able stan­dards across your com­pa­ny or bring your unique AV vision to life.

We successfully complete over 300 deployments annually for companies like yours.

Trusted by fortune 500 companies

As a Top 50 Sys­tems Inte­gra­tor, we’ve helped lead­ing health­care sys­tems, For­tune 500 com­pa­nies, SMBs and gov­ern­ment enti­ties reduce con­stant AV issues and restore productivity.

Whether you pre­fer Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cis­co, or anoth­er plat­form – we’ll help you build a reli­able sys­tem to facil­i­tate in-office and hybrid collaboration.

Budgeting [ROM Pricing]

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Align your bud­get and vision ear­ly-on in the design of your new office. Engag­ing with an AV inte­gra­tor ear­ly on in the archi­tec­ture process is key to a suc­cess­ful execution.

Bud­getary, or ROM pric­ing  is offered to busi­ness­es and archi­tects in the ear­ly bud­get­ing phase of a new project. It pro­vides a non-bind­ing esti­mate based on your sys­tem require­ments, num­ber of rooms, and com­plex­i­ty. Bud­getary pric­ing is typ­i­cal­ly request­ed 4 to 12 months before per­mits are pulled for an office refresh or new build. We pro­vide Bud­getary Pric­ing for projects rang­ing from a sin­gle con­fer­ence room to mul­ti-floor build-outs. Bud­getary Pric­ing is com­pli­men­ta­ry for orga­ni­za­tions in Ida­ho & Washington.


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The major­i­ty of projects fall into the Design-Build cat­e­go­ry. We pro­vide a ready-to-use solu­tion from start to fin­ish. The quote you receive includes all the ser­vices, hard­ware, sub­scrip­tions and sup­port need­ed to get you up and run­ning with your meet­ing roomsaudi­to­ri­umsdig­i­tal sig­nage and unique environments.

  • PHASE 1: Pre-Contract

    The first step in a design-build project is the pro­pos­al & con­cep­tu­al design. Our knowl­edge­able design experts will craft a scope of work and pric­ing which reflects your spe­cif­ic needs.

  • PHASE 2: System Development

    Once you’re under con­tract our team will begin order­ing prod­uct, final­iz­ing designs, pro­gram­ming your sys­tem and cre­at­ing draw­ings for our install team.

  • PHASE 3: Installation

    Our trained tech­ni­cians will assem­ble the tech­nolo­gies into a seam­less solu­tion. After instal­la­tion is com­plete our Com­mis­sion­er vis­its your site to test your sys­tem to ensure there’s no detail overlooked.

Design Consulting

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AV Design Con­sult­ing is for jobs where extra empha­sis is required in the design stage. There are two project types that often ben­e­fit from Design Consulting.

The first is for those with an extra­or­di­nary vision for an AV-enabled space. These unique envi­ron­ments push the sta­tus quo, incor­po­rate tech­nol­o­gy in uncom­mon ways, and bring your vision to life. Muse­ums, com­mu­ni­ty cen­ters, and show­case envi­ron­ments are a few exam­ples of areas that ben­e­fit from Design Consulting.

The sec­ond project types is those work­ing with an archi­tect and need­ing 5+ room types. We’ll work with your inter­nal team to under­stand your needs and craft a set of design stan­dards which can be deployed through­out your orga­ni­za­tion. These stan­dards typ­i­cal­ly fea­ture a sim­i­lar inter­face with hard­ware specif­i­cal­ly select­ed for the room type (for exam­ple: Hud­dle roomsMeet­ing Rooms and Board Rooms). The room sys­tems are then repli­cat­ed through­out your campus.

Strate­gic Design Con­sult­ing is a stand-alone design offer­ing and is often paired with a quote for the sys­tem deployment.


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We’ll Design, Install and Support your new AV System
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