How An Idaho School Leverages Technology To Increase Content Knowledge In Limited Class Time

Cole Valley Christian School, Meridian ID

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Cole Valley Christian School participated in a limited pilot program with Clevertouch interactive touchscreens in the classroom. With Clevertouch, students were considerably more engaged in the lessons, gaining more content knowledge and skills in the limited class time. Students were able to engage with the technology with almost no training and could see the bright display with little glare.

The Experience

Cole Valley Christian School provides early education through 12th grade. The school features two campuses with over 800 students enrolled. Students participate in the NWEA MAP test, ACT and SAT, consistently scoring above national, state and local averages.[1]

After being introduced to Clevertouch at IETA, a conference for IT and instructional educational professionals in Idaho, Cole Valley decided to pilot Clevertouch interactive whiteboards. Clevertouch was in the classroom for three weeks. In that short time, teachers experienced substantial increase in student engagement.

The pilot teachers at Cole Valley were experienced with interactive touchscreen displays. Because they have first-hand knowledge of interactive whiteboards in the classroom, they could prioritize key areas of importance. They specifically highlighted a bright, low glare display, mobile stand and little to no learning curve as important features.


Clevertouch in the classroom

Student Engagement

Clevertouch increased student engagement by roughly 85% according to the data gathered by the pilot teachers. They were considerably more engaged in the lesson and excited to volunteer. Teachers leveraged the technology for activities like labeling fish parts on a picture, filling out table data and editing graphs with authentic data. This created a positive learning environment for students. The interactivity, along with the ability to quickly switch between Clevertouch programs, enabled students to gain more content knowledge and skills in the limited class time.

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Brightness and Mobility

Brightness of the display is a top priority for interactive touchscreens so students can easily see and engage with the content. Clevertouch couples a 350 cd/m2 brightness display with anti-glare glass. Unlike projectors, interactive touchscreens have no shadow, so students can see all the information on the screen.

Being able to move interactive displays  is a significant benefit for Cole Valley. Clevertouch has various mounting options, and Cole Valley utilized the rolling trolley solution.

Easy to Use

The third major benefit for Cole Valley was how user friendly the display was for students and teachers alike. The android operating system and built in PC made Clevertouch intuitive for students. Instead of spending time training students on the system, the teachers could quickly launch into course material so every minute could be used intentionally and purposefully.

Switching between programs quickly made it more effective in the classroom. From importing files from a flash drive to downloading, teachers quickly manipulated and actively saved data. Additionally, there was little wait time to switch from video to PowerPoint and white board, resulting in a decreased need for classroom management techniques.

Final Thoughts

Though Cole Valley experienced Clevertouch through a pilot program, it made a clear impact while in use. By offering a bright screen, low learning curve, wireless internet and mobility, students and teachers were empowered to spend more time on content knowledge and teaching. “With the interactive and quick Clevertouch, students gained more content knowledge and skills in our limited class time. Therefore, every second in class proved more intentional and purposeful.”

* Student engagement was measured by an assessment before and after the use of Clevertouch. This was averaged with a critique of a recorded lesson by two administrators.

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