Casino Sportsbook — Video Wall, Digital Signage & Audio

Emerald Queen Casino, Washington

Casino 2

The largest sportsbook in the Northwest.

Neurilink helped bring EQC’s Sportsbook vision to life with a massive 44′ x 12′ video wall a 31′ x 1′ ticker and dozens of LCD displays.


square feet
of display screens

Display Graphic-01s

44′ x 12′

Planar Direct View LED Video Wall

Pixel pitch-01


# of days from customer contact to video wall completion


55 million



video layouts


feeds viewable at one time


sources to choose from

A New Casino

Emerald Queen Casino invested $400 million in a brand new location in Tacoma, Washington. The casino features over 2,100 slots, 60 games and 155 hotel rooms. It also boasts the largest Sportsbook in the Northwest at its BetMGM at EQC Sportsbook lounge.  Neurilink helped bring EQC’s vision for the Sportsbook to life through a rich array of digital signage, video walls and audio solutions.

The Sportsbook

The 250 seat Sportsbook features over 40 individual displays. The centerpiece of the space is a massive 44 foot x 12 foot Direct View LED video wall. Over 55 million pixels create the .09 pixel pitch video wall, providing a seamless view even at close range.

Neurilink had just 100 days from the initial call to complete the video wall. With the support of Planar and David Bonds from EQC, we did it in 92.

A Crestron touch interface controls both the video wall and Sportsbook audio. EQC’s team can choose from one of 9 pre-set layouts to adjust the number and location of games shown on the video wall. The video wall can display up to 17 feeds simultaneously, selected from 39 sources.

“Our massive video wall is the only one in the country—you have to see it to believe it. It is a component of the immersive experience that sets BetMGM Sportsbook @ EQC apart from every other sportsbook in the Pacific Northwest.”*

- Frank Wright Jr.

EQC General Manager

* Largest .9 Pixel Pitch Planar LED in the US

Creating an Immersive Experience

A second Direct View LED video wall on the opposite side of the lounge augments the space and showcases the flexibility of LED technology. With a 31 x 1 foot aspect ratio, the LED ticker provides a continually scrolling feed of game scores.

Direct View LED’s aren’t the only technology bringing the world of sports to the EQC Sportsbook. Over 35 LCD displays ensure guests can watch games from anywhere in the Sportsbook.

Six displays suspended above the central bar create a 360-degree view. The Odds Counter features a 4x4 LCD video wall with 16 total displays. In a separate area of the lounge guests can watch games on a 1x6 LCD video wall stretching over 35 feet long. Another nine 98” LCD displays placed throughout the Sportsbook complete the experience.


1 x 6 Video Wall

86″ Planar Displays

Ticker - 98s 2

Direct View LED Ticker

31′ x 1′ Planar LED
Unique Aspect Ratio

Odds Counter

16 — 65″ NEC Displays
4K  |  24/7 Operation


Bar Displays

8- 65″ NEC Displays
4K  |  24/7 Operation

Additional Displays
9 — 98″ Planar Displays installed throughout
4K  |  178 degree view
Single Source or Quad-View Configuration

Ticker - 98s