Using Technology To Enhance The Customer Experience

Echelon Group, Boise ID

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Echelon Group provides financial services and employee benefit services in Boise, ID. They partner with individuals, business owners, and companies to plan and implement wealth accumulation and cost containment strategies.

Echelon Group’s client-centric approach meant they spent hours at their whiteboard drawing concepts both for internal and client meetings. The whiteboard worked well for illustrating key points, but everything had to be redrawn if the content wasn’t complete by the end of the meeting or someone wanted to review the topics later.

Echelon Group desired a digital solution that would allow presenters to pull up reference material during meetings. They also wanted to scale their presentations from the meeting room to clients regionally.

Searching for the Right Solution

The firm needed a solution to enhance their presentation capabilities for clients and staff. President Don Reiman became interested in interactive displays after attending program training where the technology was utilized. The facilitator was able to draw concepts on the board and easily pull up reference material in response to attendee questions.

Don connected with Neurilink and began exploring different interactive display options. He envisioned an interactive display that allowed employees to save whiteboard drawings and open them later to continue editing. This would save time by avoiding the re-drawing that was needed on their old whiteboard.


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They also needed the ability to open files, folders, or other presentations quickly during trainings. If a document is needed as a reference, they wanted to quickly and easily change between the whiteboard and the file. Finally, they wanted to be able to annotate over files they opened and highlight areas for extra emphasis.

Based on their needs and how the interactive display solution would support their workflow, Echelon moved forward with the Clevertouch Interactive Display and Zoom video conferencing.

Clevertouch features 20-point touch and allow users to select the pen color and thickness when using the digital whiteboard. An optional on-board PC provides access to necessary folders and files during meetings and presentations. It also provides the ability to toggle back and forth between different whiteboard slides and PC.

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Echelon Group’s trainers can save the whiteboard file directly to the Clevertouch after a meeting. If there is work still to be done on a concept, they can open the file later and continue editing the previous work. When employees have a question or need to reference work from a previous meeting, the file system empowers them to retrieve the needed information without having to consult others, saving everyone time.

A high priority for Echelon Group is the ability to quickly switch between the whiteboard function and other pieces of content. With just a few clicks the Clevertouch can bring up saved files or a web browser, which can be arranged, resized, and drawn on as desired. Once a saved file or web page is open, the facilitator can annotate directly over it providing extra emphasis on important points through the pen or highlight function.


Another important advancement is Echelon Group’s addition of Zoom video conferencing with the interactive capabilities of the Clevertouch. Zoom enables presentations to scale regionally. The team can conduct an in-person training for local clients, while simultaneously recording it for regional clients to view digitally. Zoom shares annotations in real-time, so attendees on the call can follow along through the screen share and interactive whiteboard.

Words of Wisdom

A stand-alone interactive display can be installed in a shorter time frame, and companies can realize the maximum return on their investment by budgeting time for employees to learn the system. That is Echelon Group’s President Don Reiman main take-away. He says, “Allocate time to study the technology and get extra training to get more efficient with it sooner.”

If you’re considering adding the benefits of an interactive display to your organization, the key is time. An interactive display can be added by itself, or as part of a larger audiovisual integration project. For an integration, it takes time for your AV partner to assess your needs and design the system. Short-cutting this process can lead to unforeseen setbacks.