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Acoustic Panels

Architecture and audio quality can find themselves at odds in the modern office. Meeting rooms encased in glass and open areas all contribute to an increased noise floor. As trends continue pushing towards clean, modern looking environments filled with hard surfaces, audio quality suffers. Acoustic panels help mitigate the negative effects hard surfaces have on the noise levels in your environment all while fitting in (and even enhancing) the aesthetics of your office space.

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Sound Masking

Sound masking pairs with acoustic panels to mitigate noise issues in the workplace. While acoustic panels absorb sound, sound masking introduces sound. This specifically tuned ambient noise targets the same frequency as human speech, making conversations sound muffled. Sound masking reduces speech intelligibility and promotes speech privacy. It is often installed throughout common areas and hallways in order to increase speech privacy in meeting rooms and reduce noise distractions in open offices.

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Room Schedulers

Room schedulers enable your employees to book meeting spaces by simply adding a ‘room’ to their meeting invite. Commercial-grade room scheduling hardware, like that from Crestron, integrates scheduling with Microsoft Exchange®, Office 365®, Google® Calendar™, and more. Employees can see upcoming meetings and book ad-hoc meeting space with the touch of a button.

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Cell Phone Amplification

Tired of poor cell phone coverage in your office? Construction materials like metal, concrete and insulated glass can block incoming cell signals. We offer commercial-grade, in-building cell phone amplification solutions. These systems are compatible with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T‑Mobile, U.S. Cellular and more.

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