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Wellness Kiosk

Body Temperature | Dispenses PPE | Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Ideal for entry ways and lobbies, Wellness Kiosks auto-detect when someone approaches and reads their temperature. If the body temperature is beyond the threshold an email notification is sent and an alert displays on the screen. Visitors can easily take a mask from the dispenser and use the no-touch hand sanitizer. Custom safety messages can be shared on the built-in 22″ display.


IR Temperature Reading Sensor

Designed to read the forehead temperature of a user standing directly in front of the kiosk.

Touchless Sanitizer Dispensing

Automatic hand sanitizer gel dispenser is easy to refill with standard sizes.

Mask & Glove Dispensing

Glove and mask box holders help visitors comply with your safety guidelines.

Digital Signage

Share your safety protocol in a dynamic, on-brand way.

Speedface Temperature Kiosk

Body Temperature | Mask Detection | Facial Recognition | Data Logs | Access Control

Speedface Temperature Kiosk by ZKTeco features body-temperature and mask presence detection with integrated face recognition.

The embedded face recognition sensor provides a touchless user authentication for Access Control, Visitor Management and Event Management.

Body-temperature detection and the presence of masks is detected for registered and unregistered users. Custom controls can deny access if visitors are not wearing masks.

Pre-set acceptable body temperature ranges. The thermal camera denies door access if a user has an unacceptable body temperature. Users and temperatures are logged into the software.


Face recognition can store up to 50,000 (1008+) or 6,000 (1005-V+) faces in match in less than 0.3 seconds. Face verification enabled with or without a mask.

Integrate face recognition, mask detection and body temperature detection with your access control to enable or stop entry into your building.


Mask detection for registered and unregistered users. Users can be denied door access if no mask is detected.​

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Safe Space Entry Solutions

Body Temperature | Mask Detection | Facial Recognition | Data Logs | Access Control

InReality’s Safe Space solutions were built to reduce cost and manage the complex compliance requirements for businesses returning to today’s post-COVID world.  These solutions can be used individually or integrated for a complete experience.

Enterprise ready, AI-enabled and powered by an advanced software platform, Safe Space can be configured to suit your current and changing needs, then managed from one central access point.

From temperature screening to occupancy monitoring, one location or a thousand, InReality’s suite of solutions are ready to help you automate safe access.


Thermal Mirror


Pre-set acceptable body temperature ranges. Users (if option is selected) are logged into the dashboard. You can choose how long, and what data, is kept. Show a red light for a non-pass temp or send a discrete notification to HR.​


Choose whether you want to enable facial recognition to capture temperature pass/fail by employee, visitor or vendor. Employees can opt-in or use the app to tie data to their profile.


Enable mask detection to trigger digital content to educate visitors or access control. Facial recognition is functional when employees are wearing masks.


The standard software package offers remote device management, access to devices through a browser, and the ability to remotely configure device workflow. Upgrade to the Enhanced Software Package for access to dashboard, daily reports, trending and alerts based on set KPIs. You can also receive over temperature notifications on device and options fo remail or sms alerts.

Q&A Screener

Q&A Screener

Available on either the Thermal Mirror or through a browser. The Q&A Screener provides a entry quiz either on a cell phone or voice-enabled via the thermal mirror. Face recognition detects and logs employees daily tests. Customize your entry questions based on the most recent company guidance, and customize compliance logging for audits.

Occupancy Monitor


InReality's occupancy management solution allows venues of all sizes to cost effectively implement appropriate occupancy rules and enforcement. Implement counts, establish and manage thresholds to set maximum occupancy, and display results. Results include estimated wait time, number that should enter, promotional content.

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