Modern AV Technology for Your Tenant Improvement

We provide all the services, hardware and expertise needed for your Tenant Improvement

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Single AV partner for all your project needs

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Coordination with all stakeholders for a smooth process

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Expert advice to help you choose the right technology

Selecting AV for a new space is overwhelming.

  • Coordinating

     a whole office move is complicated

  • Making the ‘right choice’

     on complex technology can be stressful

  • More burden

    on your IT team who are already managing the migration of your IT infrastructure

  • Systems that reinforce your team’s workflow

    Experience seamless collaboration across your organization.

    Your preferred video conferencing platform, functionality and space all influence the design and technology selection for your systems. We make it easy to collaborate.

  • Professional AV experts supporting you in each step of the project

    You don’t have the bandwidth to research all the technologies and how they integrate, but we do. 

    We take pride in our work, stay up to date on cutting edge technologies, vet the ones that are most promising, and are committed to excellence with our deployments.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    Our knowledgeable project managers understand the TI process and how AV fits within

    On time completion is one of the highest priorities in Tenant Improvement projects. We do everything in our power to complete on-time and let you know if delays by other subcontracts will impact deadlines

  • A Low-Risk Approach with Pilot Rooms

    We design a new system around your preferences and test it in a small pilot room before its deployed in all of your meeting rooms.

    The final design is adapted based on feedback from the pilot room, giving you confidence in your new systems’ ability to meet your end-user needs

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The technical expertise you want and the construction know-how to make it happen.

Your team needs the technical AV acumen offered by only the most dedicated AV partner as well as the deployment experience to bring it to fruition.

Call us to see how frustration-free AV leads to a better experience.


Modern Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms to support the hybrid workforce is now a must-have.

Teams need to collaborate between those in-office and remote, and they need to do it efficiently. Our solutions are built around leading platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, providing your end users the flexibility they need wrapped into a simple, intuitive interface.


Auditorium & Multipurpose Spaces

The attendee experience must live up to the brand image in these highly visible meetings.

Clear audio and sharp visuals with the flexibility to handle single presenters, panels, in-person presentations and hybrid all-hands meetings are just a few of the requirements we can deliver on when upgrading large presentation rooms.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Digital signage showcases marketing, HR or executive messaging throughout your office.

Upgrading from stagnant signage provides your team the flexibility to highlight important information in real time via engaging video, impactful visuals and automated data. We also offer video walls, kiosk and wayfinding solutions.

Video Wall
Room Scheduler

Whole-Office Solutions

The final touch to your office refresh.

Why spend thousands on a modern meeting room then use a paper on the outside of the door to book it? If your goal is the complete employee experience then check out our solutions like room scheduling, sound masking, acoustic panels and cell phone amplification.

Technology should make collaboration simple.

AV systems designed around your needs

Bringing your AV vision starts with a clear design.

Our design experts develop systems around your desired functionality, user experience, spatial considerations, and aesthetics.

Our design service includes:

  • ROM pricing
  • Design-build
  • Design consulting
  • System Standardization


Your solutions will be programmed & installed by knowledgeable professionals.

We dedicate a Project Manager to attend your construction meetings and coordinate with Architects, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Furniture vendors, and others involved in making your new space a success.


Our integration services include:

  • Project management & coordination with your construction teams
  • Hardware procurement
  • Custom programming for bespoke user interface and complex room types
  • Professional installation by trained technicians
  • System commissioning for final configuration and adjustments
  • Technical & End-User training


We offer a variety of support options so you can find the one that best fits your organization and budgetary needs.


Our support programs include:

  • AV staffing

    An embedded technician is on-site at your location on a full-time or part-time basis.

  • Elite protection

    White-glove, drop-everything support includes perks like waived travel fees, preventative maintenance visits, phone, and on-site support.

  • Professional support

    Pre-purchase a bank of hours at a discounted rate for priority service over break-fix requests.

  • On-demand

    Support on an as-needed basis is charged based on time & materials.