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Where AV Fits in the Building Process


The commercial construction process is complex, with many components that can cause a ripple effect in the AV technology installation timeline.  In this article, you’ll see where each stage of AV installation fits into the overall construction process.

If you haven’t already read Where AV Fits in the Building Process: Part 1- Architecture Planning & Design now is a good time to take a moment to review it. The milestones outlined below can happen only when the steps in the planning and design process have been completed.

For new office builds and renovations, expect your AV team to be at your location on-and-off throughout the process. Why? There are distinct phases of AV installation that are dependent on other construction milestones taking place.

For example, cable pathways needs to be established early in the construction process. However, room schedulers can’t be configured until your network is up and running at the new space, one of the last steps before occupation.

Depending on the technology in your spaces and how you’ve planned your timelines, it’s not uncommon to see the AV integration process continue even after you’ve moved into your space. An example of this is the ripple effect of delayed furniture. When furniture is late, control panels can’t be integrated into the table and installing the rack into the credenza is postponed.

If furniture is installed on a Friday, your AV partner won’t be able to begin furniture-based integration until Monday. After these items are installed, your AV partner will still need to commission the space to ensure everything is working. Even if your team is scheduled to move into their new office right after furniture arrives, the meeting rooms won’t be ready to use until the AV partner has completed the installation and commissioning.

You may find yourself making decisions that will impact cost and timelines if you bring in an AV partner after key construction milestones have passed. It’s important to select an AV partner early in the planning process so the AV drawing sets can be incorporated into the architect drawings, avoiding these kinds of costly mistakes.

Here’s where AV ideally fits into the construction process.

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