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Video Conferencing Ease of Use

A guest post written by StarLeaf

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Have you ever noticed that, when needing to talk to someone, you never hesitate to pick up the phone and call them (text messaging aside)? Additionally, if you need to add others to the call, it’s easy to add a new participant. A similar dynamic happens when you’re in the same office with someone; you just get up, walk to their desk, and talk together while walking to the coffee machine. In all these scenarios, communication happens at the moment we want it to… and without any pre-planning.

Meetings are a bit of a different story. These are often in a more formalized setting, at a scheduled time, and typically have a predetermined duration

If we consider the video communication space, we must ask ourselves: why is every call treated like a meeting? Rather than simply calling the other person, people “meet” on a conferencing bridge. Sometimes these video calls only involve two parties, and sometimes they involve multiple people. While this format is good for multiple participants in a structured meeting (time/duration), it isn’t always the most convenient method for more spontaneous, ad-hoc meetings. Often the phrase “meet me on the bridge” (followed by a large group of digits) is an indication of this type of experience.

The ideal experience for any organization is a video communications and collaboration platform that makes meeting and calling a part of the natural workflow, allowing for immediate video calls (with no pre-planning, no “meet me on the bridge”) between participants, as well as adding new participants on the fly. Organizations will find that when a video call feels like a call (rather than a meeting), user adoption will increase substantially, and ROI will increase in tandem.

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StarLeaf offers messaging, video meeting, and video calling services through an open cloud platform. They also provide a range of video endpoints for meeting rooms, desktop and mobility. With the StarLeaf system, your team doesn’t have to worry about what system others are using- they can message, meet and call anyone (including Skype for Business users and people who don’t have video endpoints).

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At Neurilink, our video conference solutions will help your team stay productive while bolstering your company’s professional presence.

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