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Upgrade Your Conference Room Design with Accessibility & Reliability

Keep­ing your hybrid team on task and in con­stant com­mu­ni­ca­tion can be a major chal­lenge through­out the work­day. When you have remote staff at home try­ing to con­nect with your in-office employ­ees, it can leave meet­ings feel­ing scat­tered and cre­ate delays in dai­ly oper­a­tions if you don’t have the prop­er tech­nol­o­gy in place.

So how can you upgrade your Boise, ID company’s con­fer­ence room design to serve your team bet­ter? Zoom Rooms are the must-have solu­tion for your meet­ing spaces. Stream­line your entire board­room set­up today with high-end solu­tions and fea­tures that pri­or­i­tize you and your employ­ees’ needs.

Want to find out more about Zoom Rooms and what their ben­e­fits for your com­pa­ny are? Keep read­ing on below.

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So What Are Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms are the answer to the needs of your teams stretched across the city — and even the globe! With hybrid teams, your con­fer­ence room design requires an upgrade to keep up with this new work­space. No mat­ter where your employ­ees are log­ging in from, Zoom Rooms pro­vides top-notch video con­fer­enc­ing tech­nol­o­gy and col­lab­o­ra­tion for every team mem­ber involved.

Zoom Room tech­nol­o­gy lets employ­ees cre­ate and start a video call and man­age the meet­ing from start to fin­ish, shar­ing infor­ma­tion with their cowork­ers or clients with zero has­sle. Mak­ing video con­fer­enc­ing acces­si­ble in any sized room across your office build­ing, this set­up cre­ates the ulti­mate board­room expe­ri­ence for your whole company.

Essen­tial­ly, Zoom Rooms make meet­ings eas­i­er for every­one. Cre­at­ing a meet­ing and invit­ing teams, switch­ing between screens or shar­ing media, and trans­form­ing any con­fer­ence room into an immer­sive and col­lab­o­ra­tive space becomes effort­less for every team member.

Top-Tier Zoom Room Features

Sched­ule & Join with Ease

Some­times get­ting a meet­ing start­ed is half the bat­tle! But with a Zoom Rooms set­up, you can get start­ed with just one touch! Sched­ule meet­ings or join one by tap­ping a but­ton on your smart device. You can make shar­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion and oth­er cru­cial infor­ma­tion for the whole team a breeze with a sin­gle but­ton press as well. Eas­i­ly share data or media from your smart device or lap­top for the whole team to see.

Unpar­al­leled AV

There’s noth­ing as frus­trat­ing as frozen screens and gar­bled audio mid-meet­ing. Not only do these obsta­cles get annoy­ing to try and prob­lem-solve while you’re in the mid­dle of host­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion or video call, but they also can cause sig­nif­i­cant delays and throw the entire meet­ing off task. How­ev­er, with high-end, crys­tal-clear audio and video in your Zoom Rooms, you can rest assured that every­one in the room and at home is expe­ri­enc­ing a top-notch audio­vi­su­al per­for­mance via in-wall speak­ers and stun­ning dis­plays.

Let Neurilink Help Upgrade Your Zoom Rooms Today!

Zoom Rooms stream­line video con­fer­enc­ing for your entire com­pa­ny — but what does that mean for you bring­ing them to your office build­ing and every con­fer­ence room or hud­dle space? Don’t sweat their instal­la­tion in the slight­est. When you work with our team of experts at Neurilink, you can rest assured that your con­fer­ence room design and upgrade will run smooth­ly from start to finish!

We’ll assist with bring­ing in the prop­er Zoom-com­pat­i­ble solu­tions and devices and imple­ment a con­fer­ence room sys­tem that caters to every unique meet­ing need you and your team might have. We’ll bring in prod­ucts from trust­ed brands that you can rely on for every meet­ing and will serve you for years and years to come. While Zoom Rooms sim­pli­fy your video con­fer­enc­ing, Neurilink is here to sim­pli­fy their entire installation.

Ready to bring Zoom Rooms to your con­fer­ence rooms? Give our team at Neurilink a call or fill out our online con­tact form to sched­ule a no-oblig­a­tion con­sul­ta­tion with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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