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Each year Neurilink goes to InfoComm to see the newest technologies on the market.  Almost 1,000 exhibitors bring the newest and best to share with over 42,000 attendees. Many manufacturers had excellent technology at this year’s show. Here’s a sample of a few of the stand-out technologies we saw.

Photo by: biamp.com/products

Ceiling Microphones

With a lot of new A/V technology being feature, I was really impressed with the new Biamp Tesira Ceiling microphones.

Ceiling microphone technology has changed quite a bit in recent years in features such as appearance (think the Shure MX910) or technology (Beam forming). For a smaller meeting space the new Tesira TCM microphone might be your perfect match. With the new beamtracking technology and a built in amplifier Biamp is really offering a robust and versatile microphone solution.

- Elliott

Webconferencing & Displays

I believe the top technologies at the show are Webconferencing (like Zoom) and the peripherals that support them, as well as the indoor LED displays for nearly seamless, bright video walls.  The indoor LEDs are bright, beautiful and make an amazing impression.  The 4K LCD displays are also more prevalent and are becoming more available and affordable.


Photo by: necdisplay.com

sony web

Direct View LED

We could not believe the huge presence of Direct View LED on display in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Alongside the usual manufacturers (Planar, Samsung, LG who always have a presence in the front of the hall) there were also many other manufacturers displaying their large walls in various sizes and pixel pitches.  One that was intriguing was COLEDER.  An LED module based manufacturer that operates in a “cable free” fashion and like Planar is completely serviceable from the front and utilizes magnetic mounting.

Sony featured a 32-foot x 18 foot Crystal LED Display which consisted of 288 units. It’s resolution was 8K x 4K and was by far the most impressive thing I saw at the show.  It had black level that I have not seen since the very best plasma displays were brought into existence.

-Greg N.


Having done large multi-projector installs and understanding the frustration, the Christie Guardian feature constantly monitors any misalignment in real time,  then analyzing and calibrating without interruption while displaying content was seriously mind-blowing.


Christie web
Photo by: christiedigital.com
Photo by: avocor.com

Interactive Displays

I was impressed with the AVOCOR boards and their integration with Windows and Zoom.  Large format touch displays are really catching fire.  Clevertouch with their new proprietary CleverMessage was pretty sweet too.


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