Neurilink Partnership Brings Clevertouch To the Northwest

Boise, ID: Neurilink, a leading audio visual integrator based in Boise, Idaho, has announced a partnership with Clevertouch, a multi-award winning brand of interactive touchscreens. Clevertouch is the number one touchscreen manufacturer in the UK and growing rapidly across the globe. The largest part of the expansion is in the United States, and Neurilink will have exclusive distribution rights for Clevertouch in Idaho, Washington, Wyoming and Montana.

Clevertouch V SeriesNeurilink’s President, Michael Fornander, was a leading advocate for the partnership. “Clevertouch is an exceptional solution,” said Fornander. “There’s a reason why it has gained so much traction in the UK. Working with Clevertouch on an exclusive basis in the Northwest gives Neurilink a unique opportunity to offer a best-in-class solution that our customers wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We’re ecstatic for this partnership to come to fruition.”

Clevertouch stands out as a disruptor in interactive displays. Its solutions offer well-made hardware and intuitive software at an accessible price point. Clevertouch has a built-in PC, internet connectivity and up to 20-point touch. It also offers Cleverstore, where users can download a variety of ad-free Clevertouch apps at no cost.

Clevertouch received the AV Award for Interactive Display Product of the Year in 2016. Its product line includes the Clevertouch Pro Series, Plus Series, and V‑Series. Neurilink will offer the entire Clevertouch product line to customers throughout the Northwest.

About Neurilink:

Neurilink is a leading audio visual design and integration company based in Boise, Idaho. Neurilink specializes in custom solutions for video conferencing, interactive displays, digital signage and audio visual support. It is a member of PSNI and was named one of the Best Places to Work in Idaho in 2017. More information can be found at

About Clevertouch:

Clevertouch now operates within 69 countries across the globe and export is now one of the key components of growth for the business.
Clevertouch continues to be driven by our customers and all our range have been designed and manufactured to the highest standard by an award-winning British manufacturer.

Built with the simplicity of a smartphone or tablet, the Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are dual slot for PR or android with a custom designed user interface, which enables users to present and interact with information as instinctively as the devices in their pocket.

You can find out more about Clevertouch products and software at

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