3 Technologies Changing the Face of Presentations

Presentation technology is advancing. Understanding what AV solutions are available is a critical piece of developing conference rooms, training rooms and auditoriums that support engaging presentations. New platforms make presentations more dynamic, enhance the audience experience, and make post-production activities easier.

There are hundreds of new features in presentation technology. However, most IT Directors don’t have the time or desire to learn about each one. As an AV integrator, we hear about new technologies all the time. However, we notice three tools keep rising to the top of the list. These are more than just ‘wow’ features and are having an impact on business presentations.

A new level of screen sharing

Screen sharing isn’t new. People have been projecting their laptops onto screens for years. However, screen sharing is becoming even more powerful. Instead of sharing a PowerPoint from a stationary laptop, new technology allows you to share directly from your tablet. So, when you’re presenting you’re not stuck at the front of the room. You can walk around, interact, or sit at the board table to provide a more dynamic experience.

The second screen sharing technology leverages the BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon.  As a presenter, you can share your screen to the front display and push it out to each attendee’s devices. Companies like Barco, Crestron and Mersive are making this process easier. Some platforms let you share screens over existing wireless technology such as AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast.

Technology Presentation tools

Interactive whiteboards

After taking over the classroom, interactive touchscreens have their sights set on business environments.  These displays are a digital whiteboard, screen sharing device and note recorder all in one. They are commonly used to enhance the classroom environment, where a teacher spends most of their day presenting to the students. The focus on interaction makes it an effective, simple, and powerful business tool.

Digital whiteboards help facilitate effective meetings by taking the place of flip charts or whiteboards. You can capture brainstorming ideas by writing directly on the board. Just like a whiteboard you can change the color of the pens along with the point size so notes are easy to read.

What’s even more helpful is what happens after the meeting. Instead of taking a picture of the whiteboard and having someone type it out, you can save the notes to PDF and email them directly from the display. This reduces follow-up steps after the meeting and keeps the team on the same page.

Presentation Recording

Sometimes you need to record and save presentations. Whether it’s public record or for your YouTube channel, presentation recording is becoming more important in the business environment.

Current solutions on the market let you record multi-window, multimedia content. The recordings are saved locally with all the annotations included, so your audience can view the entire presentation on-demand. Platforms like LifeSize, Extron Entwine, Matrox and Vbrick are offering simultaneous streaming and saving of presentations. A recording can be saved to the network, cloud, or other location while it also streams out on YouTube.

If you want to record the presentation on the display as well as the person presenting, say for a webinar, you can do that too.  Training rooms are using this technology to give users a more immersive experience.

Getting Started

Begin supporting your presenters by understanding the gaps in the current environment. Gain a better grasp on what tools would help presenters and audience members be more effective in their roles. Then, talk to a reputable AV integrator. A good AV partner will be able to recommend systems that suit your environment and budget. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Make sure your audio visual partner understands your expectations around reliability, lifecycle and ease-of-use, so they can find the best platform for you.

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