AV Integration


The design team develops the system architecture, ensuring the final solution meets your needs and each piece of hardware interacts correctly.


Programming creates the user interface and codes the entire control system empowering your team to join meetings with the touch of a button.


Trained Installation Technicians deploy your solution on-site. They are responsible for pre-wire, rough in and trim installation.


The Commissioner completes the IT/AV configurations and tests the system to ensure everything is working properly prior to handing it over to the client.

Audio visual integration links advanced AV technologies into simple, collaborative workplace solutions. It brings together technologies from different manufacturers and creates a fully functioning solution.

A well designed and integrated AV system empowers real collaboration in the workplace. They connect employees in conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, multi-purpose spaces and more.

Simple Solutions for Your Complex Needs

The Integration Process

Site Visit

We listen to your vision and learn about the functionality you need. Then we look at your physical space to understand how it could impact the system. This helps us learn about nuances that need to be incorporated into the design.


Armed with this foundation, your account executive will work with a system designer to outline the scope and plan for the project. They'll send you a proposal, and if it's right you'll sign off. If not we will reiterate until it is.

System Design & Programming

Our team then designs the system creating a detailed technology map. Our programmers take this blueprint, write the code needed to make everything function and create the user interface.

Installation & Testing

Then it’s time to install! The Linker team visits your site and carefully connects and mounts each component in your workspace.


Once the system is installed our Commissioner reviews and tests the system to ensure nothing was overlooked and the platform works correctly.

Training & Sign off

After everything is signed off on we will train you on how to use the solution. Our Training Package includes end-user training as well as technical training for IT and Helpdesk professionals.

AV Powered Collaboration

Neurilink offers AV integration for more than just conference rooms. Our team has extensive experience in developing systems for auditoriums, campuses, and unique spaces. Solutions are designed specifically for your space with the user experience at top of mind.

These projects take specific expertise to identify the right vendors and integrate the systems in a cohesive, usable way. Our team plans the entire user experience, from powering it up to ongoing maintenance.

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