Why Choose Us

Neurilink’s employees (referred to as Linkers) are laser focused on solving customers’ challenges, pain points, and strategic hurdles.  We don’t sell technology, just for technology sake.  We prefer to entrench ourselves in our customer’s workflow and come up with simplified solutions that support their business and make collaboration more efficient.

We also want to be really, really great. But aspirations aren’t impactful unless there’s hard work behind them pushing in the right direction -so we measure. 

We follow up with each of our customers after a project to see how we did, what worked, and what we can improve on. Every month we review the surveys with the team to understand what worked and what we can improve.

Awards & Recognition


2019 Top 50 Systems Integrator by SCN

2019 Fast Growing Firms in AV

Neurilink is named SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators

2018 Top 50 Systems Integrator by SCN

2017 Best Places to Work In AV

Neurilink recieves Best Places to Work in AV Award
Neurilink wins Samsung Digital Signage Award

2017 Samsung Retail Installation of the Year

2017 Top 10 Best Places to Work in Idaho

Neurilink best place to work in Idaho

Chamber of Excellence Award- Finalist 2017

Nanolumens Crystal Nixel Award 2016

Nanolumens Awards Neurilink for LED Visual Solution