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PSNI Global Alliance is a global network of elite technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service providers.

Neurilink is focused on serving the Northwestern United States. However, we have customers who want our solutions deployed in their offices across the US. As part of the PSNI network, we have access to top integrator partners who assist in the deployment of AV solutions across the nation.  PSNI members must hold the AV industry’s most demanding certifications and commit to operating with the highest integrity.

PSNI Global Deployment Certification

Neurilink is PSNI Global Deployment Certified. This certification ensures that customers receive a standardized approach to service and integration no matter where in the world their project is located because they are working with a PSNI certified integrator.

To become certified for Global Deployment, employees of the member company must pass an exam that demonstrates mastery of global audiovisual deployment practices as outlined in the PSNI Global Deployment handbook.

Skill areas include contracts, meetings, expectations, design, programming, end user training, project templates, project workflow, and more. To ensure each project strictly adheres to PSNI Global Deployment practices, PSNI integrators provide peer reviews focusing on response time, information accuracy, and whether they met or exceeded expectations.

What it is

PSNI unites AV leaders, complements their strengths, and multiplies their resources through an alliance of top integrators and technology manufactures. The PSNI network is committed to the highest industry standards.

For organizations seeking AV solutions, PSNI affiliation is the ultimate industry credential. More than that, it’s a promise that you’ll receive exceptional solutions, deployment and support.


Why it matters

Our membership in the PSNI network allows us to support customer offices nationally while staying true to our Northwest focus. By choosing Neurilink, you can experience a hands-on design and project management process with deployment throughout the United States.

Our team will create a standards-based solution for your organization. Based on these standards, we can design systems for your offices around the country- all which operate the same way. Whether your VP is in Seattle or Kansas City they will have a consistent AV experience.

Instead of having to find a new partner and go through the design process from start to finish in each city,  we’ll help you create a solution. Then, we’ll leverage our PSNI partners in each of your office locations for the installation.